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Male teacher sexual relationship with student


Skip to main content. Log Male teacher sexual relationship with student Sign Up. Female student-male teacher sexual relationship in Moshi municipality, Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania: Sexual advance points, reasons, reporting status and responsible teacher category Bryson D.

The study used questionnaire to gather information required. It was found that sexual advances began in school offices, premises, along the road and in tuition centres.

It was further found that most female students did not report the vice. Lastly, it was found that both mainstream school and private tutor teachers Male teacher sexual relationship with student their female Male teacher sexual relationship with student. The study concludes that secondary schools are not immune from amorous relationship.

The study recommends a formulation of student-teacher relationship policy among others. Kinyaduka and Kiwara university of Toronto, In a study by Shakeshaft conducted a study on status of sexual relationship who studied warning signs of an educator who is a between female students and male teachers in Tanzaina. And that the students and administrators because they are trusted major perceived effect of this relationship was poor thus using such trustworthiness to sexually abuse academic performance of a female student.

The study learners, normally through befriending themselves to concluded that there was need for the Ministry of children and parents alike see also NSPCC, The Education and Training to develop a student-teacher policies should clearly state the consequences and show relationship policy among other things.

The Indian zero tolerance to offenders this can stop educator sexual university has a policy requires faculty members abuse ibid, p. The In a study by Frketic and Easteal on Pu- policy assumes that asymmetric sexual relationship is blic Perception of teachers sexual misconduct: It was found that ii Why do male teachers have sexual advances with the public had the "Male teacher sexual relationship with student" that female student-male teacher their female students?

THE iv Which category of teachers is responsible with sexual reports that 30 per cent of university teachers who abuse? This shows the unpopular impact of sexual relationship in Data collection educational institutions see also Levenson, Let Mat conducted a study which had the This study used closed and open ended questionnaire. It was found that the effects used in this study. This method was adopted because of were: It is generally esteem; contracting diseases; dropping out from school believed to be a taboo to talk about sexual matters; and poor national wide economical growth see also, therefore, other methods of data collection such as Kinyaduka and Kiwara, Both closed and open ended questionnaire were analysed using SPSS programme version Closed ended items were entered in the SPSS programme and Research problem analysed whereas open ended items their themes were determined, coded and then entered in the SPSS version Most of literature reviewed indicates that studies focused Therefore Male teacher sexual relationship with student study intends to cover these design.

The design was chosen because it would enable gaps by conducting a survey in Moshi municipality the researchers to collect enough data within a short secondary schools, Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania. This study involved 8 secondary schools in Moshi municipality which were selected at random. The sample size of the study was one hundred and twenty five Setting respondents. One hundred form II-IV female student respondents who were selected using convenience Tanzania is one of countries in developing economies sampling while twenty seven female teachers were situated in East Africa kinyaduka, That is two years for assumed that they had enough information on the issue pre-primary education; seven years for primary education under study.

One hundred questionnaires were cycle; four years for ordinary secondary education; two distributed to female student respondents in the schools; years for advanced secondary education and three or so however, two questionnaires were not analyzed because years for university education see URT, in appeared to have been filled in by one individual.

Twenty seven questionnaires were distributed to teacher respondents and their data analyzed. Instruments i Where do a female student and a male teacher meet The main method of data collection was questionnaire.

Research field data, Table 2. Research field data, collect data. The questionnaires were reviewed by the for male teacher having sexual advances: Some student perspective; reporting status of a female student questions were added at different levels of review. The against the vice and category of teachers responsible for content of questionnaire was on points they met with the vice.

Pilot study was not Sexual advance points conducted. Questionnaire was preferred because it was easy to administer since the researchers had little time. The researchers were interested to know the place s a Also questionnaire was appropriate method for data female student and a male teacher met Male teacher sexual relationship with student talk about collection given the issue under study.

It was assumed sexual matters. The item was asked to female student that it would be easier for respondents to write correct respondents only.

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It was found that of 18 students who information on sexual matters than speak on the same. Also the data were collected by a female researcher to increase the degree of relaxation and psychological security. Questionnaires for female Female student vice reporting status teachers required them to remember what happened to them and what they thought at the time they were The respondents were asked to say whether they studying at secondary school with regards to their reported the vice.

The purpose was to know whether the amorous relationship with their male teachers.

It was found that "Male teacher sexual relationship with student" In the mean time, a female stu- questions. Research field data, Table 4. Research field data, Table 5. Reasons for female student not reporting sexuality behaviour with her teacher Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent Valid Not applicable Research field data, female student respondents were approached and that did not report because they feared the reactions of their 16 out of 18 did not report the vice while 2 out of 18 teachers.

The reactions feared included: Some students felt shy to talk about the issue while others did Reasons for female student not reporting the Male teacher sexual relationship with student not report because they wanted certain favours such as promises from the perpetrators that they would buy The female teacher respondent was asked to say why them lap-tops or cell phones or give them some she did not report the vice anywhere at the time she was money on condition that they did not reveal their approached as a student.

The purpose of this item was to sexual relations to any person.

Some of the respondents know reasons that made female student-male teacher wrote: It was found that 5 "Male teacher sexual relationship with student" female student Because the teacher told me that if I could reveal the respondent was asked to give reasons why she did not move his job would be at risk so he promised to give me report anywhere. It was found that they did not report many things including helping and giving me a laptop because of several reasons, namely Fear, shyness, need questionnaire, female student respondent, Augustfor favour and personal stand.

Kinyaduka and Kiwara Table 6. Research field data, Table 7.

Research field data, Table 8. The Time in Secondary school purpose of this item was Male teacher sexual relationship with student know perceived reasons for the vice. It was found that 7 In the mean time, female to say how many times she reported the vice.

Research field data, Table Research field data, teachers who approached female students. This item was This indicates the entire system is corrupt in the country; asked to female student respondents only. It was found this awareness bars female students Male teacher sexual relationship with student reporting on that 11 It is found that both main stream school male teachers It is found that most of sexual advance points are at and private tutors equally approach their female students.

This implies that schools and tuition centres are safe places for female students because some male not safe places for secondary school female students teachers behave unprofessionally to their students. Something needs to be done to control the grooming among male teachers in our schools.

This First, perpetrators usually meet female students at tuition suggests that female students experience Male teacher sexual relationship with student and centres, school offices and premises because 5. This situation is attributable to poor the predators at those points, respectively. This at the time they are students in secondary schools. Kinyaduka and Kiwara Fear, need for favour and shyness are major factors that in good faith. And it is hard to know whether their for not reporting the vice; this is because some of the kids are sexually abused or not because they less often female student respondents had this to say: Also, research is needed to know to whom Also, A similar respondents have not reported because of the same study can be conducted in rural and urban areas to compare reason, which is the highest percentage of all reasons the prevalence of the vice between the two vicinities.

We are equally indebted to those who reasons for. Generally schools are not immune Frketic K, Easteal, P. Male teacher sexual relationship with student the sex of the Teacher Make a Difference? Alternative Law Journal, 35 3pp. Policy on Consensual Relationship. Challenges and prospects of Teaching selected Policy implications work skills WSs in primary schools: Experiences from Iringa Region, Tanzania. Addressing Sexual Violence in Schools: Sexual Harassment or Consensual Sexual noting in other policies.

Implications for Social Work Education. Briefing the role of schools, Colleges and academics in protecting children grooming Schools and entrapment.

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Shakeshaft CFeburuary. Know the warning signs of Educatior Schools need to report to appropriate authorities on any sexual Misconduct.

At the heart of higher education debate: Education and Training Policy.

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