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When you dream of having sex


Everyone has these dreams, according to psychologist Asiphe Ndlela. But few people talk about them. She said sexual dreams revealed desires and anxieties and could be a means to compensate for what was lacking in real life. She said women's dreams tended to be about real-life sexual partners, past or present, and women were more likely than men to dream about celebrities.

She said sexual dreams could be good and also help uncover people's deepest secrets about a person and life issues. But Christian theologians and traditional healers often attribute dreams with sexual content to the influence of Satan and his demonic minions. Luzuko Thabetha, a pastor, said sexual dreams should not be entertained because they were demonic.

He alleged that they may be caused by sexual sins, impure thinking, witchcraft, spells, curses of lust, When you dream of having sex addiction, immorality, sexual tension, self-soothing, poor self-esteem and a history of sexual abuse, among others.

Makhosi Mbonambi, a sangoma based in Johannesburg, also believes sexual dreams are demonic and are caused by When you dream of having sex.

When you're alone in bed,...

Ndlela says if sexual dreams were violent or perverse, the person may need to be more "relaxed" about their sexuality. For women, dreams of rape may represent insecurity with sexuality, phobias or aggressive fantasies.

This implies your current relationship is causing emotional flashbacks to a previous connection. In this dream, you are intimate with someone you know well and would never give a thought to as a possible partner in passion.

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