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Versions of the page can be found in the Internet Archive. At that site, select a blue circled calendar date. At the time, she was staying in Kovno to recuperate from a leg injury at her brother Peter's home. She recorded her impressions of Kovno Marianne price dating sex profiles her correspondence to Jawlensky, who was then residing in Munich.

In a letter written some time between December and springshe characterized the city in a way that seems to show striking parallels to "Marianne price dating sex profiles" painting:. Kovno is a treasure-trove for artists. It is gloomy, the lamps don't make it lighter and the streets are getting darker.

Their violet windows hover threateningly in the darkness. The elusive lines of low houses, on them—the glimmer of green and red flames—illuminating rows of shops. Bright green bright red stripes [all] fall on the violet sidewalk. And all those shadows are full of people who only speak about one thing, about love, in the dialect, Polish or broken Russian.

Whispers and loud words touch the silence, like the green and red bands of light—the darkness of the night. Something terrible, terrible lies over everything, I feel a shudder, it seems I am in another world, far away from real life. I save myself in a church.

Lights flickering before icons.

One sings everything that one has sung before in the past. Some black figures—and the heart is heavy. The tears take one's breath away and the past rises up again.

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Home…In Peter's office, my entire soul starts to Marianne price dating sex profiles for him, for that battle for everything that is sweet and good, which is called Russian life. Empty, empty in the house, no one. Whoever comes—doesn't get his fill of him.

And then such a heated rush of love rips out of the [visitor's] heart, begging one's pardon and forgetting the trouble behind, that the whole house swells.

And I go to my room and stretch out my arms to the West—that it is far away [from here], that I will someday return.

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Outside those painful sensations—it is horrible to be before these people and their lives. Service and family troubles—a hard beginning, pay raise, promotion—sweet dreams, scandal—daily bread, 21 and their happiness reminds me sweetly, of those who buy "for the people," and whose food you wouldn't put in your mouth.

I think of Munich and of my health. All that is here is suffering and this horror of beauty and this horrible life and this overbearing literature, and the complete superfluousness of art. Werefkin's description of Kovno is Marianne price dating sex profiles of two elements—the city's visual environs as seen through color, light, and shadow, and her observation of its inhabitants.

The first component, color and the effects of light and dark on it, draws her excitement as she appears to document to Jawlensky what she sees. Indeed, this is the only feature with which she can personally and artistically connect, in a Marianne price dating sex profiles manner. She has discovered a real-world scenario it seems, from which she can extract the kind of color combinations - greens and reds, ranging to violet, for example, used by Jawlensky in his own paintings, as in Summer Evening in Murnaufig.

Her characterization of the landscape by fields of color and her reference to people dressed in black are similar to the descriptions in the letter first quoted, and the figures in her color illustration of the scene in that letter Marianne price dating sex profiles. Just as she left home and departed from her native surroundings, Werefkin looks upon life in Russia, as she sees it in Kovno upon her return and realizes she is no longer a participant in it, as someone whose roots were in the culture but whose current life is quite different and outside of it.

She described to Jawlensky her feeling of not belonging. My Marianne price dating sex profiles are magical glass [when looking at] the outside world, and it can transform a lot into bewitching beauty. Paris, Munich…they're all the same. The country is nice, because it is closer to nature and bad because we [Werefkin and Jawlensky] are no longer people from nature.

I saw this at Blagodat. The more a person improves himself, the more one is doomed to loneliness. One doesn't need friends, one needs oneself and anybody who loves you like themselves. Werefkin's Return Home operates on three levels. Pictorially, it displays the visual environs of the city and women's place in it. Socially, historically and politically, it corresponds to contemporary issues concerning traditional female gender roles, women artists emergence into the modernist mainstream, and the political landscape of the Russian Revolutionary war period.

But Werefkin's painting also delves into her personal psyche, and offers viewers insight into the subjective vision of her expectations and encounters upon her return home to Kovno during the winter.

The painting is an urban landscape and an emotional landscape.

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