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J Cole is an American hip hop artist and record producer who gained recognition as a solo rapper with the debut of his mixtape The Come Up. He went further to do several other mixtapes as a solo rapper and gained respect in the rap music industry for his entertaining and unique style of rapping.

At the time he was very active in rap music, he was the epitome of what people were asking for in a great rapper. He rapped about real life issues and not just women and money.

He was a real guy who understood life in a real sense without faking things.

Earlier this year, was...

Today, he is a father and voluntarily decided to leave the spotlight of celebrity world yet he is still very much talked about.

Kay Cole single-handedly raised J Cole and his brother Zach Cole when her husband abandoned them in his youth. This prompted the single mum to relocate the family of three to Fayetteville, North Carolina and gave J and Zach Cole the opportunity J cole hookups clothing grow up in a multi-ethnic environment.

J Cole admitted that growing up in such a multi-ethnic society afforded him the opportunity to easily identify with white people because his mother is one, but he still feels more connected to blacks whom he looks more like. Growing up, J Cole took to J cole hookups clothing and music and even served as a first chair violinist for the Terry Sanford Orchestra until As at the yearhe had already seen music as his ideal profession when his mother gifted him an ASR-X musical sampler as a Christmas gift.

With this, he increased his efforts in improving his music production skills and will soon begin his music production under the pseudonym Therapist.

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