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Consolidating power definition fitness


Training in the Sweet Spot power zone is one of the most effective ways an athlete can improve their aerobic capabilities.

Sweet Spot training is used to consolidate, or solidify, all the mixed types of training seen in a structured training plan. The idea is that an athlete can use Sweet Spot "Consolidating power definition fitness" to strengthen the base upon which all varied abilities are built on aerobic endurance rides, VO2max intervals, anaerobic bursts, neuromuscular bursts, etc. This type of work achieves more positive physiological adaptations due to its repeatability at such a particular balance of intensity and volume.

Compared to training in other power zones, you can prompt more meaningful and sustainable adaptations by continually working in this particular balance. Training in certain power zones means different things for your cycling fitness, and sub-threshold Sweet Spot work is specifically aimed at improving your ability to resist fatigue at reasonably high power outputs over substantial lengths of time — this has effects on nearly all other aspects of your performance.

This means improving slow and intermediate muscle fiber attributes, increasing fat metabolism via greater mitochondrial proliferation, increasing capillary beds within muscle tissue in order to bring more fuel to the working muscle, higher quantities of aerobic enzymes to Consolidating power definition fitness down fat as a primary fuel source, etc.

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All of which Consolidating power definition fitness the same thing: Given the benefits of Sweet Spot work, you may now be thinking when and how should I integrate it into my training? Firstly, if your aim is to get faster, know that Sweet Spot work can be valuable in all phases — Base, Build and Speciality —of training.

The Sweet Spot Base plans have already seen these changes, with many of our Build and Specialty plans soon to be released. The logic here being: By training at this particular intensity, athletes are able to bring together the various ways they build strength in an efficient and impactful way.

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