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Sexualisation of women in the media statistics


Over the past 10 years, Hollywood's top films have shown more than Sexualisation of women in the media statistics percent of young women in "sexy attire" and 35 percent with some nudity, while almost 61 percent of female actors were thin — all percentages that dwarf the number of skinny, naked or sexily dressed male characters, according to a new report, "The Future is Female?

In depicting other traits, 77 percent of young female characters were Caucasian, only 3 percent had disabilities and 52 percent had heterosexual romantic relationships. There were zero LGBT females shown in the top films from the last two years. Smith's findings complement a body of research showing that viewing sexualized images of women can cause depression, low self-esteem and eating disorders among young women, but they also serve as glaring reminders of the power of media to shape culture and define how men and women see women, both by marginalizing them and objectifying them.

It's a timely reminder, experts say, pointing to the current wave of sexual assault allegations against a host of men in entertainmentpolitics and mediaincluding film producer Harvey Weinstein; comedian Louis C. Senate candidate from Alabama, and, most recently, Sen.

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