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Cs go matchmaking brazil


Click here for our wiki! I am American, I queued up solo today and found myself in a Brazilian server for some reason. My max ping was set to 80 so I'm Cs go matchmaking brazil sure how that happened. Anyways, I saw my Cs go matchmaking brazil was aroundwhich isn't too bad since I mostly play with my Aussie friends on their servers which I get about to so I'm mostly used to high pings.

Once my team found out I was American from me using english callouts they started to teach me the Portuguese name for them, although I obviously had a thick American accent and was almost assuredly saying all the calls the wrong way it was good enough for them to know what I mean.

We were winning at the end of our T side on Mirage and all was feeling well. Regrettably we lose the pistol and the following rounds, we found ourselves in a pretty close game, but we were still telling jokes and having fun.

I found myself in a 1v1 with the bomb planted and I had to clutch, Cs go matchmaking brazil didn't want to let them down. I couldn't let them down. When the time comes I flick to the left and land a headshot to save the round, the pure excitement in their voices and relief took me back to the first days of me playing Counter-Strike.

Throughout the match they kept saying "EZ".


I know that it "Cs go matchmaking brazil" just a Brazilian Cs go matchmaking brazil but they told me in Brazil it is very common to taunt the other team by saying it and its almost a custom to say Cs go matchmaking brazil after the game. Instead of GG its EZ. We close out the game and the chat goes wild with "GG EZ" over voice comms they thank me and tell me good job. It wasn't untill after that game I realised that, when I was in that game.

I was having fun. My cheeks were hurting from smiling so much. I'm always so uptight about this game and winning, that I forget to stop and have fun.

It's a game after all! DR For some reason got put in a Brazilian server when I'm american, team was real nice taught me Portuguese calls and reminded me of the most important thing in CS and that is to have fun. Ever region has good and bad teammates, I may have gotten lucky but that doesn't nullify the lesson I learned.

Are you kidding me?! NA has kids literally screaming at you for misplaying or not listening to their sick FPL strats. I can scream at you in german or english, which doesnt really matter because most people I would want to scream at only speak russian or polish anyways. Then you are not one of those I would want to scream at: D well, unless you decide you want to insult others and not communicate in any other way.

I mean, it's all dependent on who you play with. There are players of all types in all countries.

You think NA is bad? Try toxic UK kids screaming. I have nothing against the UK mind you. They're just too fucking toxic. Last time I queued with Brazilians they werecalling each others "filhos da puta" all game long.

It's almost like being a shitty person is a human thing and not about which country you were born in. Gringo isn't an offensive word for us brazilians, it just means 'foreigner'. Unless you could sense the person's tone was deceiving or it was followed by 'filho da puta' which means son of a b No not at all, they along with the singaporeans were the nicest people I've ever played with in CS: That makes sense, I'm from California so naturally we have a lot of Mexican immigrants and, well illegals so I was already familiar with gringo, the mexicans seem to Cs go matchmaking brazil it as a derogatoryword though.

Its "Cs go matchmaking brazil" as much of an insult as calling somebody white is an insult. It can be an insult but most of the time its not. I live in Brazil and I've never seen someone call a foreigner a "bife", that sounds weird af lol. Portuguese people actually say that, but not in Brazil.

Welcome to Reddit,

Only people who live in Cs go matchmaking brazil. We have a lot of english people coming here in the summer, and they get really pink because of the sun. English people I know always take it nicely, and personally I don't say it as an insult.

If someone calls you "puto", you are probably not playing with brazilians, since that's a spanish slang, not portuguese although the word also exists in portuguese, but doesn't have the same aggressiveness. In Portuguese at least from portugal and I'm not sure about portuguese brazilian "puto" means kid.

Pretty funny how different the meaning is in both languages, could see some weird situations because of misunderstandings using the word "puto" haha. But it's quite rare to see the word "puto" to denote that meaning in ptbr. It's used more when you wanna say "i was so pissed off" and Cs go matchmaking brazil say something like "fiquei puto da cara". No, its not wrong, I'm saying what it means in portuguese from Brazil, not form Portugual, it has different meanings I classify them all under the same thing, also I have met a lot of Brazilians that speak spanish.

So, I'm brazillian and I join NA MM servers for some reason ping is set to 90 every 1 out 10 games, Cs go matchmaking brazil have the same experience as you, but in your server. Maybe it's because we're living something that we are not used to, like the first time you played the game, it's a learning moment and as humans we enjoy it. I think there are a lot of people including me which take the game too seriously.

I really miss my nova times when I think about that where you just could play and didnt have to care about holding a specific spot all the time and stuff I guess there is a moment when you change from playing for fun to playing for success.

This is like Black and White I remember being able to play in nova ranks and actually carry as a nova. You can't have fun even if you wanted to in this game anymore unless you're with a full 5 man group or just find the odd soloq game where everyone just wants to have fun.

That's really nice to hear. Brazilian MM isn't that bad, sometimes you find some toxic people but you get to know how to treat them and still concentrate. The "EZ" thing isnt just in Brazil.

Every single game i play in EU there's someone spamming it. Unless it's obviously a joke, that shit is considered either rude or, if the player only won because he got carried, plain stupid. Some EU players say it, but it's considered rude. The correct counter-tactic is to have a bind to say "How would you describe your mother in one word?

It seems to me that the thing that most impacts your chances of winning is having fun, although game where you are winning are more likely to be fun, if that makes sense. It's usually a positive feedback kind of cycle: However, some players tilt a lot even when they have the lead so if you say get eco'd or get killed because of a stupid mistake be it your own or a teammate'syou might go on tilt and the cycle is the complete opposite: Honestly back when Latin America didn't have servers they were terrible but since they have gotten their own servers they seem to have calmed Cs go matchmaking brazil. I feel the same way about the odd Venzuelans you get every now and again or French Canadians.

I've met a few who were chill and funny but most are just assholes. I've played on Brazilian servers using the mm server picker and I had a very similar experience to OP. Brazilians are p chill: Brazilian here, we are generally very receptive people, most brazilian love foreigners. There's Cs go matchmaking brazil big exception Cs go matchmaking brazil that rule though, most of us hate playing with other South Americans in MM because comms are absolutely shit.

I made a friend on reddit, he is from NA and I played a few MM matches with him, it's quite an interesting experience. North Americans tend to focus more on teamplay, we tend to do our on thing and try to just hold our own.

I also found interesting how little brazilians care about skins, I saw quite a bit of NA dudes talking about skins and trading, brazilians absolutely never talk about skins, except for when they see an expensive skin, then they compliment the owner and that's it. I don't give a fuck about skins like most of the people either. I even went through the trouble of learning some positions on the map to facilitate communication, but Cs go matchmaking brazil of South America MM lacks teamplay and doesn't tolerate a failed spray or mistakes other people do.

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Just don't give them the impression you're encroaching in their space by being passive-aggressive or demanding recognition - or else, a favela vai chegar! By any chance do you still remember some of these call outs in Mirage?

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I'm just Cs go matchmaking brazil on how they call it in Portuguese. It was like 12 hours ago and I just got off of work but I can do my best. We just called middle, middle, appartments, appartments, for me they called connector connector but they taught me stairs is escado pardon spelling jungle, janalau, under the palace balcony was arado or something like that and CT was just CT. After seeing the replies to your original comment, under balcony was definetly areia not arado.

You got lucky as fuck. As a latam player, we can only play in BR server to have a decent ping, there we play with and against people from brazil, argentina, chile, etc. The amount of toxicity in that server is really high, mostly brazilians taunting teammates.

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