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In one sense, this reflects real life. Many young women who identify as straight have had sexual or romantic experiences with other women. Research on sexual fluidity, hooking up and straight girls kissing has mainly focused on women living on college campuses: But studies have found that same-gender sexual experiences between straight women are common across all socioeconomic backgrounds. This means existing Ggw halloween hookups have been ignoring a lot of women.

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As recent surveys have shownwomen outside of the privileged spaces of college campuses actually report higher rates of same-gender sex. As a sociologist who studies gender and sexuality, I wanted to know: All of these scholars are "Ggw halloween hookups" to recognize that these ideas — and the studies on which they are based — focus mostly on a certain type of person: In part, it is easier to recruit study participants from classes and student groups, but it leaves us with a picture that reinforces stereotypes.

Around the same time I conducted my studythe National Survey of Family Growth NSFG found that women with the lowest levels of educational attainment reported the highest lifetime prevalence of same-gender sex.

InI started work as a research assistant on the Relationship Dynamics and Social Life RDSL studywhich surveyed young women weekly for two-and-a-half years to learn about the prevalence, causes and consequences of unintended pregnancy. Most of the inquiries from the participants were about how to complete the surveys or receive the incentive payment. But a few came from women unsure about how to answer questions on sex and relationships.

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Many demographic surveys focused on health or risk do not explicitly collect data on sexual orientation or same-gender relationships. But valuable information on these topics often exists just below the surface.

Ggw halloween hookupsI decided to write new RDSL survey questions about sexual identity, behavior and attraction. InI recruited 35 of these women to interview.

Because RDSL had a racially and socioeconomically diverse population-based sample, I was able to interview women that many sexualities scholars struggle to access. All of these moms had hooked up with a woman, had a girlfriend in the past or said they were still attracted to women.

Nonetheless, most identified as straight. For example, Jayla a black mom with a four-year degree from a state school broke ties with her group of LGBTQ friends Ggw halloween hookups her daughter was born. Noel, a white married mom with a General Educational Development certificate, dated girls in high school. Back then, being bisexual was a big part of her identity.

Noel said monogamy made identity labels irrelevant: But in other ways it created space to act on same-gender desire.

Chantelle, a black mom with a high school diploma, was struggling "Ggw halloween hookups" co-parent with her ex-boyfriend.

In the midst of her frustrating situation, she had found intimacy and satisfaction in a sexual friendship with a woman.

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Some of the women I interviewed told me they strategically chose hookups with women because they thought it would be safer — safer for their reputation and a safeguard against sexual assault. Tara, a white woman attending a regional public university, explained: Tara also said that men often misinterpret interest for more than it was: Intersectional studies like the one I conducted can upend the way we frame the world and categorize people. There is a lot of rich meaning in the middle, not to mention structural constraints.

Many are at home with their kids — the father gone — looking for companionship and connection. Jamie BudnickGgw halloween hookups.