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What is chastity in marriage


We have been, as you know, reflecting on various aspects of marriage. The present lecture, therefore, is on chastity and charity. We instinctively know that there is a connection between chastity and charity. We kind of assumed, why not? We know from now the whole of world history that all failures in chastity What is chastity in marriage failures in charity. But as you know it is also one thing to say something, even believe it, it is something else to understand what you may even know.

We may know the what of something. We may not know the why or the how. We may not realize that chastity is charity of the body.

And over the years of teaching theology, years ago I use to use bigger words and longer sentences. So much by way of introduction.

These will be just, you might say, headlines of an oceanic subject, the relationship of chastity and charity.

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