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Psychopathia sexualis google books


Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Introduction 2 Background 4 2. Methods 5 Field of Study 7 Limitations 8 3. Analysis 12 The normative perspective 14 The deviant perspective 17 5. Introduction Sexuality, how it is supposed to be and, especially in that context, how it is not supposed to be has been a topic of discussion for a very long time. It has, however, also been a topic of controversies and one that separates academia into roughly two parts.

The anthropology of sexuality has over the years of its existence been subject to criticism of different forms. The generally accepted way of practicing sexuality, which ranks highest in this order, is Psychopathia sexualis google books as reproductive sex between married heterosexual monogamous couples, followed by non-monogamous and Psychopathia sexualis google books heterosexual partners, which thus have a lower social status Rubin It can be assumed that non-normative sex is ranked even lower.

BDSM indicates various imbalances of power between partners in order to achieve heightened pleasure both physically and psychologically. This form of sexuality is often misunderstood and will be further explained in the background section at the end of this chapter. For now, I will only include those practices that involve consenting partners.

This essay is built upon literature studies, participant observation and interviews with BDSM practitioners to gain insight in how those affected by this stigma interpret and handle their outsider status. It calls for the inclusion of everyone, independent of their sexual preferences or interests.

Even if it is used only within the community of BDSM practitioners, this essay intends to show its importance even beyond the border of closed groups. Consequently, I am trying to keep a, under the circumstances, neutral position and analyse both sides critically in order to find out how exclusion and stigmatisation is established. This essay, therefore, attempts to shine a light on the intertwined structures that keep prejudices in place and the dividing line firm. Due to the stigmatisation of BDSM Psychopathia sexualis google books the uninvolved referred to here as sexually normative part of most Western societies, most members of the BDSM community keep their sexual preferences secret.

Based on this latter point, this is why gatherings of any form, both in the physical world and online are always either highly restricted, or kept hidden from the public eye.

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