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How to reinvent your life at 50


To many people, the idea of reinventing yourself at or after the age of 50 is a frightening prospect. It sounds like throwing away a lifetime of experience and taking a risk! But the truth is that staying in a job you do not like is a risk. Retiring and doing nothing is a risk. There are always risks to take, but reinventing yourself and taking on new challenges are good ones.

At 50, we have a lot of experience. We have been around and seen a lot of changes around us.

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Who better to take on the challenge of reinvention than you? Reinventing yourself and your career is not frightening at all if you think about "How to reinvent your life at 50." You might have to learn new skills or brush up some old ones, but essentially it is an opportunity to find yourself at And you will get there by relying on all the skills and experience you have gathered until now! Look at it as the chance to do what you always wanted to do but were never given the chance until now.

We have put together a list of ten different ways and reasons to design yourself a new life, a new careerand maybe even a new you at In fact, it is just the opposite! The idea of reinventing yourself is an exciting chance to bring out the real you!

Being the real you means doing things you enjoy, using skills you have not exercised much until now, or learning something that has always interested you.

We call it reinvention, but it is really just rediscovering the person you thought you might become when you started out.

You are used to doing things in a certain way because it pleases the boss. But that is learned behavior — it should not define you. If you enjoyed your work, ask yourself what parts of it were really the most satisfying?

What parts could have been better? Did you have ideas over the years to improve the job but management was not interested? Now it is the time to make those dreams come true! You could reinvent yourself as an entrepreneur and introduce your ideas about inside sales! On the other hand, if you have resented the work and not liked it all this time, you have probably had thoughts about what would be better.

Why How to reinvent your life at 50 explore them now? We'll live in Hawaii instead of Hackensack; abandon singlehood for family life; or paint murals for a living.

How often have we heard that dangerous command? But people will say it to us, those of us over 50, those of who have the idea of doing something new or changing our careers and our lives.

This is just wrong! There is no precept or law or How to reinvent your life at 50 for people over 50 to act in a certain way.

If those two had thought it was too late to think of career change at 50two fast-food multinationals would never have existed! At 50 you have so much more knowledge and wisdom than you had at You have had ideas and dreams, and only now do you have the intellectual tools to put them into action.

There are so many reasons why becoming an entrepreneur after 50 is a much safer risk than when you are much younger. You have already made mistakes, but they were made for other people.

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Now you know how to avoid them! Take a look at your CV.

I was manning a booth...

If you are like most people, you have probably held up to 10 different jobs in your life until the age of Some of them you enjoyed, some you hated, and some were just placeholders until something better came along. On average you have probably been working fairly steadily for about 30 years give or take.

That is a huge resource for you to rely on when you are thinking of reinventing yourself. Look back at the jobs you have loved and ask yourself what it was about that job that made you happy. Was it the colleagues? Was it the industry? Maybe you interned in a travel agency as a part-time job after college. In your reinvention, maybe now would be the time to bring that experience back.

Open your own travel agency or take travelers around the world in excursions. By revisiting your past, you might find great ideas for your future! This is an important thing to do. But it is important that you take stock of your skills in a creative way, thinking outside the box. Your skillset is not just about the skills that you used in your career up until now. It also includes all the skills that you have not used very much or have only partially developed.

Did How to reinvent your life at 50 study French in college? When was the last time you used it?

Is part of your job dealing with customer complaints? There are a whole host of skills that you probably have never thought about as skills because they never were used in your job. Wallace Stevens spent most of his life working as an executive for an insurance company in Hartford, Connecticut. He had a gift for writing and expressing himself well and, by well after the age of 50, had reinvented himself as what literary critic Harold Bloom called the "best and most representative" American poet of his time.

But the real skill was writing. Think to yourself — if you were always good at filing, what other skills are part of that? Organization, streamlining, logical thinking, pattern identification, and more! If you were good at sales then you likely were good at human relationships, empathizing, listening, deductive reasoning, and following up. Make a list of these skills and see if there is something in How to reinvent your life at 50 you can use for your reinvention.

Go down memory lane. Remember when you were just starting out? After high school or college, you probably have one or two ambitions for yourself.

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