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How to be more sexually confident


Whether you choose to be a virgin until marriage or have lots How to be more sexually confident sexual partners, part of the key to having sexual self confidence is about having CHOICE. This is so important to think about and talk about because our sexual self esteem will influence every sexual decision we make- from the types of lovers we choose, to the type of sex that we have, to how much we enjoy that sex and whether or not we feel comfortable communicating our desires and boundaries.

So if you want to build up sexual self confidence in yourself or help out someone you love, here are some tips:.

Get To Know Your Body Reports show that women who know their bodies better report more sexual satisfaction. So first you want to get to know your body and enjoy it. You can exercise, dance around your house, take a leisurly bath, get a massage. Focus on what your body can DO over what it looks like.

You will also begin building...

Also make sure that you are looking at "How to be more sexually confident" kinds of bodies. Sexual confidence is about knowing that you and you alone hold the keys to your sexual pleasure and power and the only way to get there is by exploring yourself. I cannot stress enough the importance of this and this would be a message I would give to my daughter: These scripts come from the messages our parents or teachers told us about sex, or from the sexual experiences that How to be more sexually confident have had.

Many of those stories are painful and shame-filled. But at a cetain point we can decide to not let those experiences define who we are sexually. Each one of us has our own sexual script that we are constantly working on — sometimes the best way to start that process is to work with a trusted sex therapist.

So if that feels like you — I want you to tap into another side of yourself. Think about what a sexually confident woman might look like: What would she wear? What kinds of things would she think about herself? Write these things down. Then consider going out and creating that alter ego. Buy a wig, get some different types of sexy clothes that allows you to tap into a different, more sexually confident side of yourself.

Act as if you are a sexpot. Act as if you are fabulous. Action often precedes motivation and can change how you think and feel. Stop Being A Spectator During Sex A woman once wrote to me about the anxiety she felt about how her stomach looked during sex.

Her focus on her stomach took her out of the moment and sucked the sexual pleasure out of the moment —she became a spectator to her experience.

Her partner sensed she was disconnected and interpreted it as a lack of interest in sex and him.

As a result, both gradually stopped initiating sex and they began to lose their sexual connection. If you are feeling like you are a spectator to your sex life instead of being in your body and allowing yourself pleasure, then consider actively doing things that make you feel more confident in your body.

One of the sexiest traits...

Women have been raised to be pleasers and to sublimate their own wishes in order to keep the peace. We need to change that. And although it would be great if every person we meet could read our minds or at least our body language — not everyone is able to.

Some men have been misinformed about what desire looks like via bad pornothers could be on the spectrum and have a hard time registering. Do you feel sexually self confident?

What things have helped or hindered you on your journey? What would you want younger women to know? Let me know in the How to be more sexually confident below.

Sexual confidence is about knowing...

We all deserve pleasure. Here are some tips on how to build sexual self confidence in young women. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Are you missing out? I Went To An Orgy.

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Once upon a time I went to a strange sex party and learned a few things about pleasure. You Might Also Enjoy. Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. One of the sexiest traits anyone can have is confidence. When you're confident during sex, it can make the whole experience a hell of a lot. Nobody is born knowing how to be good at sex.

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