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Gay afrika


Meeting the Kenyan president, Uhuru Kenyatta, Obama said: This is the same argument that Robert Mugabe used to suppress the human rights of LGBT people in Zimbabwe; that the former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, used when he signed the most dangerous law Gay afrika LGBT people in the modern world; and that Gay afrika Yoweri Museveni used in a ceremonial signing of the anti-gay bill in Uganda.

I had to teach students about a history that is mostly unwritten. In digging up facts I found that, while many Africans say that homosexuality is un-African, African culture is no stranger to homosexual Gay afrika and acts. It might sound insulting and derogatory, however, the point is there is a word for the behaviour. Moreover, this is not a new word; it is as old as the Yoruba culture itself. In the northern part of Nigeriayan daudu is a Hausa term to described effeminate men who are considered to be wives to men.

While the Yoruba word might be more about behaviour than identity, this Hausa term is more about identity.

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You have to look and act like a yan daudu to be called one. It is not an identity you can just carry. These words are neutral; they are not infused with hate or disgust. In the Buganda Kingdompart of modern-day Uganda, King Mwanga II was openly gay and faced no hate from his subjects until white men brought the Christian church and its condemnation.

Though King Mwanga Gay afrika the most prominent African recorded as being openly gay, he was not alone.

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There have been other indicators that the transition from boyhood to adulthood within Gay afrika African ethnic groups involved same-sex sexual activities. So what accounts for the current dismissal of homosexuality on the continent?

One factor is the increased popularity of fundamental Christianity, by way of American televangelists, since the s. While Africans argued that Gay afrika was a western import, they in turn used a western religion as the basis for their argument. When I have challenged people who are anti-gay, many have said that it is not our culture.

However, when you probe further, they argue that homosexuality is not in "Gay afrika" Bible. But the Bible is not our historical culture. Reinforcing this is the fact that populist homophobia has kept many politicians in power. Across Africaif you hate gay people, you get votes. As a Nigerian gay man, these myths about homosexuality create Gay afrika dark cloud over my head.

They leave me trying to navigate my way through self-denial, rejection, love and the burden of guilt.

It is used in South Africa to rape lesbians. It is used to pass laws and to jail, Gay afrika or kill gay rights activists. It is the reason I receive death threats, which ultimately drove me into exile from my home in Nigeria.

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