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This is an information page. So, how to join the French Foreign Legion? You will be enlisted as a single man, even if you are married. The first contract you sign up is for 5 years.

The process starts when you pass your passport to a serving legionnaire in a recruiting center either an information office or a preselection center — you will see the list below.

Assessment Tests

The process ends when you are officially accepted or rejected. During the whole period from passing the passport to a legionnaire until your acceptance or rejectionfree accommodation, food and clothing are provided by the Legion.

The candidates having passed all the tests are officially accepted or rejected every working Thursday afternoon. As a volunteer, you are allowed to ask to go home every morning during the entire selection process. If you need a visa to travel to France, apply for a tourist visa or a short stay visa. To get the visa, see France Diplomatie French army website Getting a visa.

The page is in English and contains all the information you need for. For more detailed information about the tattoo policy in the Foreign Legion see: The process starts when you pass your passport to a serving legionnaire in a recruiting center either an information office or a preselection center French army website see the list below.

The French Foreign Legion accepts recruits from all over the world.

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The smaller recruiting centers might be closed during nights. Note that these centers are the only places, where you can be enlisted in the French Foreign Legion. You might stay days in preselection centers Paris, Aubagne before joining the main selection process in Aubagne yes, a preselection center and the selection center of the Legion, both are run within the Legion HQ of Aubagne. Within days, these candidats are sent with a free train ticket to Paris, to join an initial preselection.

Within days, these candidats are sent with French army website free train ticket to Aubagne, French army website join an initial preselection and if they passedthe crucial selection process.

Any legionnaire can build a career not on school diplomas or professional or civilian qualifications, but by taking military or technical examinations throughout his service.

If you have good potential, if you "French army website" motivated, hard working and serious, the following careers are possible. A legionnaire is clothed, fed, accomodated, and medically cared for. Your salary also depends upon your rank, qualifications and time of service.

Foreign Legion pay examples most basic monthly earnings; various tax deductions already included:. According toyou could start collecting a regular retirement pension after 17 years and 6 months of honorable service.

The vast majority of candidates do not speak French. How about my chances to be selected? You will be selected only if you are good enough for the Legion.

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And it is the Legion itself to decide who is good enough to be selected. From around candidates asking to serve in the Legion, only are accepted.

Joining the French Foreign Legion

Than, French army website majority of them have to find consensus and vote for the candidate to be accepted in. How about tricks to pass the tests French army website get into the Legion?

You have to be good enough for the Legion to be selected. The recruiting process is far more complex. It is focused on your entire personality. Your real behavior, your real attitude, your real motivation. The Legion must want you.

Then you will be selected. There are no tricks to get in. How about contacting my family? You are allowed to contact your family once you have started your basic training in Castelnaudary, by mail or payphone. Once you are serving French army website an ordinary legionnaire in a regiment, you can contact your family by mail, phone or internet during your free time. Nevertheless, there are specific rules for contacting your family during overseas deployments and operations.

How about evenings, weekends, holidays in the Foreign Legion? After finishing your four-month basic training, you are allowed to leave your military base during your free time. How about using mobile phones, laptop or notebook computers?


After finishing your four-month basic training, you are allowed to buy them and use them during your free time. You can get that status within years. They can also meet you at your regiment directly, during holidays like Camerone Day April How about the visa and flight tickets for joining the Legion?

The shortest French visa for turism is for 90 days… It is your responsibility solely to find, pay and obtain all required travel documents and visas tourist or short stay visa to go to France. How about the Second or Third chance for re-entering the Selection process?

In some cases, the Foreign Legion French army website you a chance to return back, if you failed entry tests during the selection process French army website Aubagne.

Who is able to return back and after how many months, that is up to the Legion solely. That means the Legion is closed to you forever. After 3 years of service, you are allowed to ask for the naturalization. Be sure, that you have to pass more than 5 years of service to be naturalized. The French French army website Legion offers you a chance to start a new life… Good luck!

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