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Causes of homosexuality wallpapers


The causes of homosexuality are attributable to man's sinful nature, nurture and environment, and personal choice. How important each factor is, though, is an issue that is debated.

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Those from the most liberal Causes of homosexuality wallpapers usually assume a philosophy of determinism, treating homosexuality as an identity or orientation which one has no choice over, and which cannot be changed. This belief is then used to justify acting it out. As with all choices, faith can overcome unwanted desire. The Biblebeing the most comprehensive transcendent moral authority, abundantly deals with human nature and behavior and consistently manifests that the nature of man has not changed since the Fall.

So the Bible is certainly the preeminent authoritative source when it comes to providing a framework when determining the causes of homosexuality. Man is shown to have been created as a perfectly made being Gn. God from the beginning also joined male and female in lifelong marriage, and placed a priority on the family, and provided laws, as needed, for its health and preservation and that of society, while aberrations result from failure to abide by them.

For more information please see: Homosexuality and the Bible and Homosexuality and biblical interpretation. In the beginning, man disobeyed his Creator, and Causes of homosexuality wallpapers part of the punishment for so doing both mankind and that which he was given stewardship of was negatively affected.

In addition to Causes of homosexuality wallpapers decay and the suffering and natural death of living creatures being introduced into the world, Gn. However, this does not determine that a man must practice a certain sin, nor does it justify man giving into this attraction to sin, as God also gave man ability to resist sin.

Certain negative physical effects of sin are also seen as being progressive, as with time more diseases and other aberrations seemed "Causes of homosexuality wallpapers" have occurred, and laws against incest later became necessary.

In addition, as men continued to act contrary to the basic moral laws which they knew innately and through creation, conscience and oral tradition, a formal body of law was given through Moseswhich detailed and codified the immutable morality God enjoins upon man.

Causes of homosexuality wallpapers As regards homosexuality, from the beginning of the Bible and throughout, it consistently teaches that God only sexually joined opposite genders together, sanctifying them in marriage, having created men and women uniquely compatible and complementary.

In contrast to what God had ordained by design and decree, homosexuality is one of many sins which are a result of man yielding to his sinful nature, and is a form of fornication, although a most perverse kind. The prohibition of it is given along with sexual relations with animals, Lv. The Bible, as well as history, also evidences that while there are three areas in which man sins, those of lust for pleasure, possessions and power, 1Jn. That judgment upon a people who gave into a specific sin could result in a genetic predisposition to that same sin among their offspring may be speculated, but it is not proven.

The Bible provides a clear link between the adherence of a family or a nation to the laws of God and the moral choices of offspring. The record of Sodomas well as accounts of nations elsewhere, testify that living within the environment of people where iniquity abounds is conducive to furthering the same iniquity among succeeding generations, resulting in the necessity of Divine judgment when nations became given over to such. In Genesis 19, the city of Sodom is revealed as a place in which men sexually lusted after men, from which the term "sodomy" was derived like as homosexuals use the term "gay", although this is contradictory in the endand Jude 7 refers to Sodom and its region being given to fornication, including that of unnatural relations.

The next verse proceeds to inform that "the Sodomites were haughty, Causes of homosexuality wallpapers committed abomination before me: What the Bible, as well as secular history, reveals is that prevalent homosexuality is concomitant with pride, affluence, increased free time, and selfish indulgence and carelessness. In Romans 1God, through the apostle Paulcondemns both male and female homoeroticism, which, as a cultural practice, is shown to be a manifestation and a result of idolatry, in which man progressively acted contrary to that which God has revealed by creation, by design and normality.

This is morality which is confirmed by written decree the Lawas the next chapter declares. As a result of this continued rebellion, which was partly manifest in God being reduced to an image like unto corruptible creatures like as today with homosexuals construing Christ to be homosexual, or sanctioning it, as well as nature effectively being worshiped"God gave them up to uncleanness through Causes of homosexuality wallpapers lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves.

It is also stated that a certain afflictive punishment s of the body were incurred by those men who engaged in relations with each other. While some seek to render this chapter as only condemning homosexual Causes of homosexuality wallpapers when done as part of idolatry, the condemnation is not due to its association with paganism, rather as it inherently contrary to that which God ordained, then it is a manifestation of false religion, regardless of its form, though in ancient times in which religion was an inseparable part of culture, then formal idolatry was what was more manifested.

Romans 1 proceeds to show that homosexuality is not alone as a fruit of idolatry, but that this particular pernicious physical sin is one of many inherently evil things. In summary, God's eternal power is manifest in His creation Romans 1: Nonetheless, certain people chose to worship the creature more than the Creator Romans 1: Therefore, God gave them up to Causes of homosexuality wallpapers and other sins and gave them over to a reprobate mind Romans 1: As an example of the truth of this teaching, feministswishing to deny the God-given role of womenoften engage in goddess worship and other forms of idolatry [5] and as a consequence are often given up to lesbianism.

What is revealed in the Bible is that homosexuality is a practice due to man yielding to his sinful nature and disobeying the good laws of God, and misusing, among other things, his sexual Causes of homosexuality wallpapers. This disobedience itself is idolatry whatever holds your chief allegiance is your god, at least at that timewhile continued idolatry results in homosexuality as a practice, as God delivers one over to perverse desires.

In addition, individual and societal disobedience to the laws of God creates an environment which is conducive to perpetuating and further intensifying iniquity, which if continued, in time requires judgment. Studies today have shown that Religious upbringing and culture can strongly affect rates of homosexuality. Some studies indicate environmental factors can be involved in persons becoming homosexuals. Yarhouse state in Homosexuality: The origins of homosexuality are not clearly understood by scientists, and the topic is a subject of hot debate.

Theories and and empirical studies, which often contrast sharply, abound. The theories about the etiology of homosexuality fall into two very large categories: Those who emphasize nurture, sometimes known as the psychoanalytical theorysee powerful psychological forces at work, shaping and molding children from their birth, while those who emphasize nature contend that early homosexual traits attest to a biological cause.

Despite many psychological studies which indicate that the parent-child relationship, early childhood development, early homosexual experiences, and childhood abuse foster homosexuality, Causes of homosexuality wallpapers tend to reject the environmental aspect, and favor a biological influence.

That homosexuality is affected by environment and nurture has been the historical secular position. In his work Overcoming HomosexualityRobert Kronemeyer writes: Homosexuals Causes of homosexuality wallpapers made, not born 'that way. For those homosexuals who are unhappy with their life and find effective therapy, it is 'curable. Similarly, in a USA Today article, San Francisco State University professor of psychology John DeCecco, and the former editor "Causes of homosexuality wallpapers" the volume, Journal of Homosexualitystated, "The idea that people are born into one type of sexual behavior is entirely foolish".

Homosexuality is "a behavior, not a condition," and something that some people can and do change, just like they sometimes change other tastes and personality traits.

The psychoanalytical theory is the historical position, Causes of homosexuality wallpapers implicates a detached, rejecting or absent father, often along with a close bond to the mother, as working, on the conscious and unconscious level, against a secure sexual identity. Also contributing to this can be a so called Emotional Incest Syndromefor example when a mother who has animosity toward the father, or men in general, and who works to present him negatively, and to make the child side with her.

One of the earliest studies supporting this position was that of Irving Bieber and associates. This study was contested by some who charged the researchers with bias, but a further study by Ray B. Evans, which also compared homosexuals with heterosexuals, reported similar results, this time among self-identified homosexuals who had never sought treatment. Based upon his work with male homosexuals, Gerard van den Aardweg stated that 79 percent described their mother as "overanxious", or "overconcerned" about them; their safety, health, and being overly sentimental when they met with some hardship, as well as manifesting other aspects of over-mothering.

In addition, in 71 percent of homosexual cases, "the most important factor was the father's detachedness or nonparticipation in the son's upbringing. Another study of about homosexuals showed much less influence by the mother, while far more reported an unaffectionate or detached father, and approximately half of homosexuals reported they had negative feelings toward their fathers, versus 29 percent of heterosexuals.

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