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Big sexy hair mousse review


More reviews by biancaredhead. I tried this when it first came out. I did not find it had any hold and it did not give my roots any volume.

More reviews by canadian. Shoulder length, color treated, highlights, fine, dry at times, wavy from ears downwards. I was looking for a product to add some volume without weighing my hair down.

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This mousse "Sexy Hair Big Altitude Mousse" was recommended at a store that sells professional hair products. I used a small amount, blow dry and styled my hair. My hair looked dull and felt a combination of sticky and maybe a bit tangled looking. I tried again using less or more product. I would not repurchase. The hunt is on for a new mousse!

More reviews by mcgfan. Bottle is huge and awkward to carry around. When spraying the mousse even 4 inches from my hair, it Big sexy hair mousse review everywhere in the bathroom and I have to spend time wiping it up. It's also a little sticky on my hair. More reviews by Jmesa1. Not special I wouldn't waste the time and money. I loved the mouse bottle packaging so I bought it.

AG cosmetics volume mousse is great and doesn't do that. I can barely get the brush to blow dry through sometimes. More reviews by Maclover This was ok "Big sexy hair mousse review" wasn't anything special.

I liked the spray bottle but I would spray onto my hand then apply to my hair. It held well and the smell was ok. Overall everything about it was ok it wasn't anything over the top or extraordinary.

More reviews by Alexine. This mousse leaves my hair looking dry and dull. If I use too little, there is no volumizing effect, and if I use too much, I can barely run the brush through my hair to blow dry. I haven't found the right amount to give me volume without the dryness. It also leaves behind a residue, which makes my hair feel sticky.