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Long distance games online


Having it our way, expressing our appy selves just like we do with our identities. Here we can talk about anything from app recommendations to choosing a wireless printer to web sites you have to favorite to any other fun shit we can do with technology.

Today we have, not just one, but two guest columnists.

Please give a warm round of virtual applause for Fikri and Natalie! My partner and I live far away enough from each other Long distance games online make seeing each other more than a couple of times a year difficult, but not far away enough to stop me from hassling her into playing Scrabble with me.

How the Game Works: Not even in a sexy way. I hid that two-bit ship well though. Both of you continue to earn coins used to get more in-game add-ons as long as you keep guessing correctly. This game is a little more amusing when done with background commentary we played it while on a Skype videocall. Since Fik is not great at drawing, it was less ill-matched than the other games, although her opening shot was cool because it involved near-consonance.

Well this one at least.

Free multiplayer games that you...

You play football with your fingers! The game matches involve real-life teams and players, none of which either of us are familiar with. The two-player mode allows you Long distance games online play at the same time over wi-fi, which is a nice change from turn-based games, but also requires that you both have stable internet connections for a graphics-heavy game.

I neither got past the beginner level nor played matches longer than four minutes in total, but I feel that this game is the closest I will get to playing sports in my life.

The basics were easy to pick up and I enjoyed the illusion of athletic ability, but as a moderate WoSo fan I feel the lost opportunity for women football players keenly. After a while it was not very fun being good at virtual football on my own, and so much of the football was lost on me.

You can download real match data and everything to pretend to control your favourite team with your fingers.

We followed the same set...

You care for and raise a virtual pet by feeding, cleaning and playing with it. The app also contains mini-games like Hatchi Squares tic-tac-toe and Roshambo scissors-paper-stone. But then I made two Hatchis and got weirdly into it all, whining about having to maintain them, caring that they evolved, and playing the super mindless single-player games.

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Battling is the weirdest pared down graphics reveal how trivially difficult it is to winbut I liked the nostalgic aesthetic. Yes our Game Center photos are of our cats, which is possibly gayer than couple photos.

You claim letters by using them and the game ends when either all Long distance games online letters have been claimed or neither of you is able to make a word for two turns, after which whoever has the most letters wins. I really like the idea and design of this game.

I thought the concept was clever, if a little hard to master for the truly uncompetitive e. If the board is easy you could challenge each other to themed words. Clearly this is a budding talent of mine.

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Had the exact same convo with my american gf and eventually realised we were talking about the same game. How about listing some that are cross-OS or work on computers? She has Long distance games online Android, I have an iPhone. Both our Hatchis hate apples, and are thus abominations upon this earth.

Fikri Fikri has written 62 articles for us. You May Also Like Glee Episode Recap: Sunday Funday is a Total Queer Vixen.

We followed the same set...

Log in to Reply. Most entertaining and highly informative. For those of you with a passion for trivia. Yay, new word games I can talk my long-distance girlfriend into playing with me! I am definitely thinking of games that work on computers though!