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Psalm isadora tantric sexual health


At just 17 years old, Psalm Isadora broke free from the fundamentalist Christian cult she had been born into and embarked on a wild drug and sex-fuelled journey. Isadora was escaping not only the group's oppressive lifestyle but also the father who had molested her from the age of five. Her quest to heal her "sexual wound" led her on a perilous drug and sex-fuelled journey from the clubs and bars of Hollywood to the ashrams of southern India, reports News.

I was still afraid of being judged, I was afraid if I told people, no one would love me because I was too broken and wounded. Or Psalm isadora tantric sexual health drugs because then I would feel free.

How Psalm Isadora Discovered The...

I had sex with men, I had sex with women, I had sex with Hollywood. I'm not mad at it except it wasn't empowered sex. Sex was like Psalm isadora tantric sexual health heroin. Some people who have had sexual abuse become hyposexual - they shut down their sexuality. I would have sex and feel like white light was everywhere, like I connected something eternal with ecstasy.

She turned her life around with yoga, becoming a teacher in Hollywood. Word of her charisma spread and in a relatively short space of time she had gone from running free classes in Hollywood to building a multi-million business including online courses, live events, and TV shows.