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Pictures of nollywood star omosexy


She has never starred in a major motion picture.

In she met Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day Lewis, both of whom had previously never heard of her, despite her having starred in over films. The answer is, because she has made her name exclusively within Nollywood — the low budget, high output Nigerian film industry that is rapidly making its mark internationally, and which churns out more English language movies than Hollywood or Bollywood — somewhere between a staggering 1, and 2, a year for the straight-to-video market.

I meet Omotola in a photography studio in an industrial estate in Bermondsey, south-east London. I watch from the open plan kitchen area as she poses during aa photo-shoot for the cover of The Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine. Everything about her is BIG. Big body, big hair, big personality, big laugh: The year-old mother of four seems to enjoy "Pictures of nollywood star omosexy" photographed, and is relaxed and happy Pictures of nollywood star omosexy front of camera, joking with the photographer.

When she laughs, her mouth is free and unrestrained, and her fleshy cheeks suddenly inflate upwards while her eyes compress into slits. Her face is round and cat-like and her skin is flawless, complete with a rich brown sheen, like polished ebony. The photo session runs over, as the Nigerian actress is here with her own film crew who are recording the event for a future episode of her popular reality TV show, Omotola: The Real Mewhich means lots of delays between shots as she does a number of star turns for her cameraman, explaining every aspect of each outfit change.

Her breakthrough role came inin the Nollywood classic, Mortal Inheritancein which she played a sickle-cell patient fighting for her life. Since then she has established a staggering average of 16 movies a year. I put it to her that she must be the most prolific actress in the world. She laughs and shakes her head. It is easy to turn around with straight-to-video movies.

You have to remember that we are on very low budgets, so there is no time to wait. Its pioneers were traders and bootleggers who started out selling copies of Hollywood movies before graduating into producing their own titles, as an inexpensive way to procure more content for a burgeoning market. The financial equation is heavily problematic, with endemic piracy and issues over copyright and a lack of legally binding contracts.

All this in a country that still lacks a reliable electricity supply. I wonder what it is about Omotola that makes her popular enough to get mobbed in British supermarkets by her Afro-Caribbean fans. People can relate to me, I suppose.

They feel as if they know me. At the Pictures of nollywood star omosexy time, in a country heavily defined by religion and tradition, it helps that Pictures of nollywood star omosexy is Pictures of nollywood star omosexy as a stable role model — a God-fearing woman who has been married to Matthew Ekeinde for 17 years, and balances her work life with bringing up four children.

Her father, Sola, was the manager of the Lagos country club, while her mother, Toyin, worked for a local supermarket chain.

Omotola is the eldest of three children, and has two brothers, Tayo and Bolaji. She was a tomboy growing up — a strong, independent child who took no nonsense from the opposite sex. In those days my mother would joke that I would never find a husband. He always asked me what I wanted, and encouraged me to speak up. He treated me like a boy. How was she affected by his death? When I got home people were telling me that my mother had been crying for days, and that, as the eldest, I had to be strong for her and my younger brothers.

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It affected me for many years afterwards as I came to realise I was hurting, and I was always very angry. But this soon created other problems.

In the end I had to stop using that technique. He was so keen on her that the day after their first meeting he just showed up at her house unannounced. They had two wedding ceremonies, the second of which took place in mid-air, aboard a Dash-7 aircraft flying from Lagos to Benin. He was very, very bold. It was one of the things I really found Pictures of nollywood star omosexy about him. What Nigerian man can cope with that?

But, despite releasing three albums so far, her parallel career as a recording artist has so far not hit big. She now has her own foundation, the Omotola Youth Empowerment Program, as well as campaigning for Amnesty International. The foundation was designed to give voice to these people.

Overall, all this activity amounts to oversearches per year. Before her father died he sent her away to a military school in Kaduna, northern Nigeria. She was nine years old. I ask why he did it. It was strange, because I was very close to him. I remember when he first dropped me off at boarding school, and he turned to walk away, and I looked at him and I said, Are you really going to leave me here and go back to Lagos?

And I said, but why? She was the youngest in her class, and was physically very small, and so she Pictures of nollywood star omosexy bullied frequently. But gradually she learned to fight and to speak up for herself.

In the mornings they would do military-style drills, and latecomers were severely punished.

Also, if you did something wrong you would be sent to the guardroom. You mean, solitary confinement? They would lock you up, as a nine-year-old, in solitary confinement? I stare at her in shocked silence. She stares back, straight-faced. One result of Omotola's harsh schooling is that she has become a tough parent herself.

I ask if she would consider sending her kids to military school. She says she would.

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Looking back, that has been my bedrock, really, the thing that shaped my life, totally. When I was young, if I ever did anything wrong she would chase me down the hall, grab me, put me on the floor, sit on me — and she was very bootylicious as well — and then smack the living daylights out of me!

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