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Lars michael storm sexual orientation


John Ferguson claimed that Lars Stuewe made offensive comments about him daily for three years in what the Belfast tribunal said was unrelenting homophobic bullying.

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Stuewe had even implied that Mr Ferguson might be at risk of transmitting HIV because he was homosexual and used needles in his work, the tribunal was told. Mr Ferguson was a director and shareholder of both firms from until he left in September On both those occasions Stuewe implied that because Mr Ferguson used needles in his work he carried the risk of transmitting HIV as he was homosexual.

After he levelled the slur against him for a second time, Mr Ferguson reminded Stuewe that he was tested annually for the disease. The tribunal accepted that following these remarks, Mr Ferguson felt he was under pressure to reassure colleagues he was tested for HIV on a yearly basis. The tribunal heard he also made hand and verbal gestures mimicking nausea, gagging, vomiting and shivers across his spine when talking about homosexual acts.

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Mr Ferguson tried to reduce his contact with Stuewe until he saw him just once each week and raised the matter with another director, but nothing was done. Since the judgement, Lars Stuewe vehemently denies Mr Ferguson's allegations, claiming he did not have an opportunity to give evidence in his defence at the tribunal hearing.

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