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Daryl beth hook up


Daryl can't believe his Daryl beth hook up as he stares at the contents of the garage. It has bikes in it. Not chopper's like his, but bikes nonetheless. There is a quad and a dirt bike.

He checks them over as he looks at them. They'll be extremely handy if he can figure out how to get them home. No one else as far as he "Daryl beth hook up" can ride a bike but now he'll be able to teach them. Bikes are handy and they use less gas. These are both gassed up.

He starts them without any trouble after cleaning the spark plugs and blowing the fuel lines. Back at the prison he tells Rick about them at their nightly meeting. And two days later Rick asks if anyone in the group can ride bikes other than Daryl. Two other people can.

One answer doesn't surprise them in the least, Daryl beth hook up second does. Michonne can ride a bike. And so can Beth. Maggie looks shocked but Daryl notices Herschel isn't. Daryl thinks there isn't anything on earth he doesn't know about his girls. And that thought gives him pause. Because he really hopes there is something he doesn't know.

Daryl has to drive this time which pisses him off no end but they really can't afford for him to take his bike when it's not necessary. So he drives them to the bikes and does his best not to steal one from under them to ride home.

Beth surprises him again by taking the Daryl beth hook up bike straight away. Despite it being nearly as tall as her legs she manages to start it without him even getting to her and she sits on it in idle waiting for Michonne to start the quad. They ride back to the prison after doing some more salvaging from the housing estate.

Daryl had cleared a lot of the walkers when he'd been there last time. Daryl looks at them in his rear view mirror. Michonne is looking serious as she most always does. But Beth, Beth is smiling like he really hasn't seen her smile for some time. Shaking his head at the thought that the girl can ride a bike he continues back to the prison.

It is later that evening when he walks outside. He usually does this most nights he doesn't have watch. Everyone assumes it settles him down, like a glass of milk or something.

It's not the walk that settles him down. Daryl beth hook up drifts to where the bikes are parked and finds he has company. Sitting on the quad is Beth, her legs drawn up with her chin resting on them as she stares thoughtfully off into the dark woods.

She looks over at him raising a brow. Then he leans his back against hers. He smiles to himself when he feels her shiver slightly as he does so. Then she rests her head back on his shoulder. They sit there companionably for some time before Daryl shifts and Beth moves with him. He slides back to the seat even as she moves off and stands on the running board so when his hips pass her legs she simply lifts a leg and straddles him.

His hands come up to grab her hips and he pushes up into her, dry humping her a couple of times as he feels the heat of her even through their clothes.

She straddles him as she looks at him, she's eye level with Daryl beth hook up like this. Daryl leans back on the controls of the bike, thankful she'd already put a blanket there, cushioning it for him. He watches her stand again as she unbuttons her jeans and pulls them down. She lifts her legs one at Daryl beth hook up time showing exceptional balance as she removes them entirely. Then she goes to sit down but he forestalls her. She isn't wearing a bra and the cool night air hardens her nipples immediately.

Then she stands there.

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