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Hookup new year


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We finally agree to meet. Our friendship is based on compassion and empathy. The holidays are rough for him. The bell screeches that someone is at the door.

I feel a rush Hookup new year both fear and excitement. I open the door. Standing before me is a young man of 37 smiling, with a boyish face, in jeans and a white turtleneck.

He looks just like his pictures. What a sweet face. I offer him something to drink and immediately set out to make dinner. Suddenly he grabs me from behind and squeezes me tight! His strength takes my breath away…literally. It also gives me a chance to look at him. He tells me all about his family. I love listening to him talk about his daughter and the time they spend together. A man who loves Hookup new year children and takes his role as a father seriously, is very sexy.

We watch the countdown and wish each other a happy new year, laughing at our decision to meet tonight, of all nights. I Hookup new year into him as he puts his arm around me. We tease one another and laugh a bit before he pulls me in and kisses me. That first kiss is usually a bit awkward.

The third…well you get the idea. Is this really happening? Next up, the bedroom!