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A good relationship is when

When you're in a good...

I know these are silly but telling questions. Of course, we get involved in our love relationship because, well, we fall in love. Being in a relationship is a good thing.

People who are in a committed relationship live longer, are happier in general and tend to accumulate more wealth. But if that's the case, why are relationships so difficult? Why do we argue, belittle, and disengage from the one person we're supposed to love most? No one teaches us how to be a good partner and how to nurture the health of the relationship.

We jump in like blind fools, certain that love will conquer all. If we're lucky, we had good role models in our parents. But even so, our particular relationship has its own nuances, issues, and unsightly bumps.

Once the initial infatuation wears off of a new relationship, we are left with few skills to navigate those bumps and maintain the vitality and joy of the connection. Over time, many couples wind up in their separate corners, scowling at each other from a distance.

This certainly isn't what we thought would happen when we first stared at him or her across the room and our hearts melted.

The relationship itself is a living, breathing thing that must be nurtured and cared for daily — above our own individual needs or frustrations. If you want your relationship to work, you both must work at your relationship.

It can't be one-sided, and it can't be neglected. "A good relationship is when" is no doubt, your marriage or partnership is THE most valuable part of your life. If it's not, it should be. It should come before your work, hobbies, extended family, and yes — even before your children.

As a couple, you are the centerpiece of your family, and if the couple A good relationship is when strong, the family isn't strong.

Both partners MUST be committed to putting the relationship as their top life priority.

Defining what makes a fulfilling,...

This can't be just empty words. It has to be acknowledged between the two of you and demonstrated in your daily, even hourly, commitment to keeping the relationship healthy and thriving. You make it a habit to check in with each other A good relationship is when day or every few days to get a pulse on your connection.

Both people feel safe and free to express concerns, disappointments, and frustrations, and both of you feel motivated to find resolution or seek compromise when necessary. You each express your feelings kindly and directly, without using passive aggressive behaviors, manipulation, or stonewalling. You don't hold things back or shove them under the rug to avoid confrontation. In fact, confrontation isn't part of your communication style. You are driven to get things back on track because of your love for each other and your deep value of the relationship itself.

Emotional intimacy is the closeness you share together.

You feel free and secure to express your fears and vulnerabilities without being shamed or demeaned. You have a high level of trust, transparency, and openness between you based on your love for each other and the years of shared experiences. Emotionally intimate couples can share their deepest selves and are able to express the depth of their feelings for A good relationship is when another.

In this context, each person feels wholly accepted, respected, and worthy in the eyes of their partner. Emotional intimacy can be fostered by becoming more familiar with our own feelings, needs, fears, and desires. We must be self-aware in order to be intimate with another person. Emotional intimacy also requires we spend quality time together, away from daily stress and distractions. Emotional intimacy is the foundation for a healthy sexual relationship, and the combination creates a deep bond between two people.