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United methodist book of discipline homosexuality statistics

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AdvocateConference Updates. A recent Advocate article concerning one of our congregations offers an opportunity to clarify what The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church edition says about human sexuality.

It is clear in its stance.

It is obvious that the discussion concerning homosexuality is one of our more divisive issues. It captivates our attention and dominates our conversations as well as making it difficult to focus on the mission and ministry of the church.

The United Methodist Church is...

As we seek to live together in Christian community, let us always remember that God calls us to be in a faithful ministry with all persons through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Permanent link to this article: February 12, at Thank you so much for your statement of clarification, Bishop Holston. Thank you for reminding us of the sacred worth of every soul, but also that we therefore have a sacred mission to uphold the teaching of Scripture.

February 4, at 1: February 3, at As a gay Christian, it has been a lifelong struggle for me to find reconciliation between my love for Jesus Christ and my sexuality; by no means did I choose this United methodist book of discipline homosexuality statistics I would never have chosen it, trust meand I spent years asking God to change me.

I have served as pianist and choir director for several churches over the last 10 years, and at no time did my private life interfere with my work for God. Being gay is just a tiny piece of me — being a Christian and wanting to worship my Creator in Heaven for all eternity is the biggest part of me, United methodist book of discipline homosexuality statistics part that I want the world to see.

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