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A t first glance, it is like any other entertainment complex in Qatar: But there are no high-end boutiques, no women … and no Qataris.

Welcome to Asian TownSingle asian male entertainment and shopping venue in the heart of the largest labour camp in Qatar, on the Single asian male of the capital, Doha. Instead of a football ground, Single asian male you might expect to find in a World Cup host nation, Asian Town boasts a 13,seat floodlit cricket stadium, the first and only one in the country.

It gives you a feeling that you are not far from home. The venue, which is owned by the government, attractsvisits a month, the vast majority of whom are migrant workers. Asian Town is just one of a number of recent developments designed to cater to these roughly 2 million workers.

The men are housed in youth hostel-style dorms, fitted out with games rooms and gyms. The workers are so satisfied and happy. Others, however, see these developments not as a genuine attempt to improve the treatment of migrant workers — which has attracted international condemnation — but part of a deliberate strategy to isolate them.

A decade ago, most migrant workers lived in and around the capital, but as numbers in Qatar soared — from 1. Some shopping malls, parks and public spaces are also off-limits to migrant workers, especially on weekends and holidays. A young worker from Nepal, a red cap pulled down over his long hair, was by the entrance.

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