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Relationship roadmap


First off, congratulations on finding your life partner! No matter how long you've know each other prior to your marriage, married life is Relationship roadmap huge new adventure. The road ahead will not always be smooth.

However, that's what Power of Two is here for—to insure that you can face your shared challenges with cooperation and ever-growing love. Welcome to Marriage Drivers Ed.! Buckle up and read on to find out how to make a relationship Relationship roadmap

Landmarks provide structure and direction...

Knowing how to make a relationship last starts with the wedding. Relationship challenges often begin with the stresses of planning such a big event.

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See how your relationship measures up and find out what areas could be improved! Do you speak up about what you would like? Spouses' bilateral two-sided listening skills are strong predictors of the success they will experience at building Relationship roadmap strong, loving, and lasting marriage partnership. White and yellow roses would be gorgeous.

How about if we use mostly white daisies with a splash of yellow roses in each vase? When you get married, chances are you're getting more than just a spouse. Getting off on the right foot with your in-laws will Relationship roadmap your relations with them down the road.

Relationship roadmap partner's family provides a great resource network, the opportunity to travel, and a whole new batch of interesting people to know. The wedding marks the transition from the family who raised you into your new life together as a married couple. You are your own little family unit now, so keep "Relationship roadmap" marriage about you and your spouse.

Think about it this way: This car is for you and your spouse--plus potentially kids later on! From your many years of being their offspring, each of you has developed expertise in management of your own folks.

It's not easy to admit Relationship roadmap lost. Still, if you sense that your marriage is starting to go down the wrong road or you feel like you're driving in circles, seek out help! This program is like a GPS system in your car. It can offer you directions for how to handle touchy situations right when you need them. A new car runs smoothly, looks fresh, and is a joy to ride in!

Unfortunately, though, over time even the best of cars gradually develop quirks, need repairs, start to Relationship roadmap ragged, and sometimes even break down completely. Likewise, in marriage, the love-focused honeymoon period gives way to Relationship roadmap second stretch of the journey, which is dealing with your differences.

The risk increases then that Relationship roadmap will find yourselves slipping into negative habits like excessive self-sacrifice, selfishness, power struggles, or bickering. Pay attention to how your "car" feels and sounds when it's at its best. As soon as you notice the bumps and clunks that indicate something is going wrong, get a tune up!

Here at Po2 we assume that complaints, discomfort, boredom or fighting are not normal! On the contrary, they are signs that your partnership needs some speedy repairs.

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Fixing problems before they get serious is a key part of how to make a relationship last. With loving attention you can keep your marriage, the vehicle for your life journey together, in top shape.

With continual small increases in skills, you can insure Relationship roadmap your partnership will collect Relationship roadmap the happy wear and tear from challenges well-met and the loving memories from a lifetime of adventures you have shared together.