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How do you hook up a network switch


This conversation is currently closed to new comments. The way you have the switch connected is correct. Post back for more help if needed.

What Is a Network Switch...

Yes, everything is connected and setup as per your instructions. In the network and sharing center there is the big "X" between 'unidentified network' is that an issue?

I've just formatted, perhaps i need more recent updates? I'll direct conect with this computer and see if i can download and install more updates and drivers. Thank you again, and if anything i have said is amiss, please let me know!

So you finally got a high speed Internet connection and you can let that old modem gather dust. But you've got more than one computer, so how do you hook things up so that all of them can share the same connection?

There are two basic ways to share an Internet connection: Use a router gateway between your computers and the cable or DSL modem.

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