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Pictures of polish men


The Polish man is certainly a unique phenomenon in Europe. Throughout the centuries he was characterized not only by his abnormal appearance, but also by extremely gallant behavior towards women. Much later, in the s, the mustache of striking shipbuilders was also a bit weird. National Archive, The Hague. When he once had an indecent dream of some noble lady, the general felt obliged to send her flowers with apologies! But does it mean that a contemporary Pole is the dream material for a husband or lover?

According to online survey conducted in by the Bols Platinum brand, Polish men rate themselves very highly, attributing to themselves the following features: Report data on domestic violence presents male Poles however in a slightly different light.

According to the research conducted by Feminoteka Foundation inapproximatelywomen per year experience violence and die as a result of domestic quarrels. The research does not include undisclosed cases bullying of a child is not infrequent either. When asked if men react in cases of aggression of their colleagues to their wives, the president of Feminoteka Joanna Piotrowska responds: The fear "Pictures of polish men" losing a macho face also plays a major role.

Men have been treating women in this way for centuries. In the past a woman received kisses of her hand, but at the same time she was treated paternalistically and with disregard. A poem by Adam Mickiewicz, an eminent Polish poet of the 19 th century, begins with the following words: In this respect Polish males are characterized by exceptional conservatism and resistance to changes that aim at equalizing the legal and social positions of men and women and the elimination of genderism, treated by many men as the invention of crazy hags.

Unfortunately it also concerns young men. Another thing is that they have no particular ambitions, do not pursue any personal development, and spend their free time mainly in Pictures of polish men armchair in front of the TV-set, often drinking beer.

Pictures of polish men

Single men from Poland seeking...

An average Pole is also careless in terms of appearance. The facts and statistics are merciless for Polish men.