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Are polish girls pretty


All you need to know when visiting Poland. What to see when traveling. Is it true that Polish women are more attractive than Are polish girls pretty from other countries? I've been hearing this around a lot lately and was just wondering if there was any truth to it: Thank you all for the information! Couldn't have asked for more than this. I'm an American that lived in Poland for 2 years. I can tell you, Poland has some of the hottest girls I have ever seen.

I think the thing is there are more attractive ones per women than in other countries. If that makes any sense. And yes, being biased and Polish, I can confirm that Poland does have a higher percentage of beautiful women.

I'm a Pole living in Poland, yes, our girls are beautiful, but when it comes to street fashion, Ukraine is the catwalk - high heels, full makeup, lots of skin, etc. As a well traveled foreigner that finally ended with a Polish girlfriend: "Are polish girls pretty" they are pretty good looking. In Poland, looking clean and good in public is considered important to plenty of people. You won't see girls shopping in pyjamas or anything like that. This is also when it comes to things like cleanliness and weight.

Notice how you won't see many young overweight girls in Poland. Also, I can always spot another Pole abroad, and our girls share certain features that make them alot more attractive. I wouldn't be so sure about that.

From childhood up pretty polish...

We have a lot of pretty decent girls in Poland, however other countries have those too. For example, my whole life I was told that the ugliest women are in Germany. I've been sent for a project to Germany quite recently, and was like: Because they were not Germans ; But seriously.

The IT girl

I went on a high-school student exchange to Germany three years ago and it was like I was talking Are polish girls pretty a girl thinking hm, these stereotypes are not true I am aware that most of them are a mix of nationalities me myself, I am just amazed how pretty are the girls of a turkish descentbut still those are german chicks in the end 2nd generation As for the polish girls, I think the most beautiful ones are located in Poznan: She has Polish roots.

First, of course she's very attractive. But I see this type of beauty on the streets here and I got used to it. So I think the thing is that there's a little of exoticness in beauty that attracts other nations to Polish women as well as me to women from other countries. It's just the kind of beauty you don't see on everyday Are polish girls pretty. This link was posted to reddit a few months ago, and the top comments were all talking about how attractive polish girls are lol.

I think that what makes Polish woman so uniquely attractive is their diverse background. Poland has opened their borders to several different cultures over the centuries.

Good genes and good diet....

The Tatars, the Jewish, the Turkish. Not to mention all the countries that stormed through, raping and pillaging, and leaving families behind Germans, the Swedish, the Mongols, the Turkish. I think its this cultural mixing that brought about a unique "Polish" look. I'd say the whole of centralish to eastern-ish Europe is that way.

Polish women and Czech women are both equally stunning.

From childhood up pretty polish...

I'm sure the entire internet is rammed full of statistics to prove it but from my own personal experience, never a truer word spoken same applies to the fellas too. I was never attracted to blonde girls before I met my girlfriend Yeah, stay classy, reddit.

Downvote most statistically probable answer with no research evidence whatsoever. Do you even realize that every fucking nationality likes to tell themselves their women are superior? Just because your dad told you that "polskie witaminy" are the best it doesn't really mean it's true. There were no statistics in guys statement. You are describing a very basic concept to the internet.

I'm a Pole living in...

Those who matter already know. Those who don't, don't. He asked about Polish women on a Polish subreddit, he clearly didn't come for a statistical analysis. Not that "no, stereotype" had any sorry of valid statistical validity in the first place.

It's just another way in which Polish people try to convince themselves that they can be the best in something. Every country has attractive women and ugly women, but if you want to find the one with highest former-to-latter ratio I'd suggest Ukraine. Your neck just starts to hurt after some time there. Well, most of the time that I hear this it's actually from foreigners without even being asked.

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Are polish girls pretty would say that Turkish and Lebanese girls comes after. But it depends on your personal preference the most.

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