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Stand up comedy online dating


Dating, by any other name, still smells as rank. They will be supervising us in the parlor. Nowhere has the topic of dating—including being single or in a serious relationship—been more fully and honestly explored than in stand-up comedy.

Their candid observations structured through humor make the entire process a little less tiresome.

Here are ten stand-up comedians who offer a refreshing perspective on dating in the 21st century. When he applies that style to relationships, he cuts to the heart of the bullshit that often surrounds human connections. If anything, she adds a distinct hilarity to the long search for a soul mate.

A musical comedian through and through, Burnham allows the fact that he plays piano onstage—in between calibrated and cleverly timed scenes—to punctuate his sarcasm so it lands with an even greater bite. They eat up the persona he enacts onstage when anyone else might receive a slap for such opinions.

Rather than go into anecdotes about his own experiences with dating, Burnham lays bare what people really should be doing to find that special someone. More than discussing the minefield of bad dates and dating annoyances, which come out throughout her sets, Ryan also opens up about her own shortcomings to underscore how it takes two to tango. Normand revels in upending the mundanities of any given situation.

He often flips the script on his listeners in order to pinpoint the underlying fallacy involved. Why can a woman interrupt his story at dinner to explain she prefers the strong silent type? As he points out, a man would come off looking sociopathic for a similar comment.

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