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Road trip dating website


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The leading online dating site...

Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Would you want to find love travelling the world with a complete stranger? Singles who don't want to let a lack of willing travel buddies hold them back might be interested in a new app claiming to be "Tinder for travellers".

Trip Together service that will...

The travel dating website Miss Travel has been running in America since but has now launched a new app. Holidaymakers who want to meet strangers while abroad can already use apps such as Plenty of Fish and Happn, which use GPS to find others in the vicinity keen to flirt.

But Miss Travel is a few steps ahead, taking travellers back to the planning stage and letting them organise and book a holiday with a complete stranger. Miss Travel says its aims are based around the experience of meeting new people and exploring new places. Men are asked to pay a membership fee but women can join for free.

The website makes use of Fifties-style graphics to inject a feel of genteel romance to proceedings and invites new users to start by creating a trip request. The request can specify whether the person making it is looking for someone to travel with, someone to show them round an area or city or, for a really easy life, someone to come and visit them in their home town. There are three ways to pay for a trip too.

The generous or desperate, depending on your point of view can offer to pay for whoever wants to come along; alternatively, you can specify that you'll only travel if your date pays for you; or you can indicate that you would like to split holiday bills By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media's terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Potential dates can be searched by narrowing down fields such Road trip dating website the type of trip Road trip dating website whether or not the person has passed the site's own background check this is recommended but not compulsory and includes notification of criminal offences. Once you've found a match, the website recommends using common sense when getting to know a stranger online.

One fan of the site is Road trip dating website Kopecka, a year-old flight attendant based in the UK. She signed up to Miss Travel after splitting up with her long-term partner and finding that she had no-one to go skiing with.


She has now taken more than 10 trips with people she has met on the site. She first travelled to Verbier, Switzerland, with a guy who she stayed friendly with for a while afterwards. After that came a shorter ski trip in the Czech Republic. No relationship came out of it, but we are still Facebook friends. Ahead of a ski trip to France, Monika finally encountered someone who wanted to meet her before committing to a trip with a stranger.

The kind offer paid off and the pair became firm friends. After that success, she tried a wider range of holiday destinations. After Washington DC, then Baltimore, came another long trip to New York, where she finally experienced Road trip dating website spark with someone and has just returned from a week in Florida with the same man.

The key is to talk to the person on Skype or on the phone at least a few times to get the feel of what sort of person they are, and if you get any negative vibes at all, then don't go ahead with it. Other travel safety tips listed include making sure you have enough funds in case of an emergency and making sure that your mobile phone works abroad. Try to meet in a public location and take time to acclimate yourself with your travel partner.

Many of the users Road trip dating website the site are American, as Miss Travel originated there. They include a single mother from Canada, who was flown to Maui by a potential love interest and Henric, from California, a frequent traveller who prefers not to travel alone and so is seeking others who are passionate about travel.

Monika said she would recommend Miss Travel to the "open-minded traveller who likes meeting interesting people; someone who has the courage to go to remote countries with a person they'd never met before.

MissTravel is the travel agent of Road trip dating website, connecting people who believe travel is a richer experience when shared and want to find romance along their journey. With MissTravel you never have to travel alone again. Previous slide Next slide.

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