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According to the enrollment planfull-time and part-time 1st year students to be taught free of charge were admitted to the University.

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It includes preparatory department with training courses and its branches in cities of IzyumBalakleyaPoltava, Berdyanskas well as preparatory department and courses where students are prepared for the independent testing.

The University is developing as a multidisciplinary HEI. The preparation at the military department is carried out on a contract basis ; its duration is 2 ani, starting from the 3rd year of Limba ucraineana online dating.

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The departments contact actively with specialized enterprisesfollowing their demands. During their study students have some field practice at enterprises according to their specialty.

The Centre helps students to decide what work meets their abilities properlyfind information about potential employers and to present themselves resumes and preparation for interviews. The Career Centre also provides students with information on current vacancies at different enterprises.

Basing both on Limba ucraineana online dating comparative analysis of curricula of the leading HEIs of UkraineCIS countriesStatele Unite ale Americii Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyEuropa Magdeburg Technical University and on creation of structural-and-logical schemesnew curricula were developedwhich represent an optimum combination of humanitariannatural-and-mathematical as well as technical knowledge and competences of specialists.

The curricula incorporate some concepts developed at the Universitysuch as: For several recent years the University has Limba ucraineana online dating training specialists according to the new curricula at three levels: The university persistently introduces computer and telecommunication technologies into the training process: A postgraduate education structure created on the basis of the Interdisciplinary Institute for Advanced Training is an integral part of a system of continuing engineering training at the University.

The University has an up-to-date facilities and technical base with developed infrastructurewhich allows it to ensure the educational processholding of researchesand to resolve social problemssuch as: The University library has 8 reading rooms ; a book stock combines over 2 million copies and is one of the largest in the city of Kharkiv. Higher education is based on human development and society progress as well as guarantees individual developmentpromotes the forming of the intellectualspiritual and production potential of society.

State developmentstructural transformation at macro - and microeconomic levels should be united with the modernization of the education to meet the needs and cravings of peopleespecially young people as well as to set new system of "Limba ucraineana online dating" values in the field of Limba ucraineana online dating public and private sectors.

The task of the high school as social institute is to promote professional self-realization of the individual by training him in professional interaction with the environment. Limba ucraineana online dating of the main principles of the Bologna processimplementing ECTS in the learning processgaining experience in students mobility organization using main ECTS documents during university study of the students of other higher education institutions as well as organizing the learning process applying module approach indicate the right way that was chosen.

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Recognition of the new scheme of preparation of specialists forced to amend term and content of the training.

Improvement of specialists preparationimplementation of the strategic task — integration into European and world educational structure Limba ucraineana online dating cause the necessity to modernize the structure of the educational and methodological work administration in the university. And its alumni will always have profound fundamental and professional preparationeffusive humanist and moral world-view as well as they will be the real specialists of the 3d millennium having the sense of responsibility for the results of their activities.

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