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Keep calm and date a football player


What on earth are Manchester City and Chelsea waiting for? With 94 goals in matches since his arrival in Serie A five years ago, the Uruguayan international is in his prime as a world-class goalscorer.

Cavani is also good news at the box office: He was the Keep calm and date a football player of the club's run in last season's Champions League, scoring three goals in two games against City in the group stage and once against Chelsea in the last He is one of those players who has defined a position during his generation.

His physique and athleticism make him a heavyweight opponent. But for a big man to possess such refined technique, and the ability to use it at pace once he gathers speed on the run, makes him an absolute marvel.

He was something of a slow burner, having flitted between clubs before arriving on the highest of stages at Barcelona. Somehow, the mature beard that he has recently been cultivating only adds to the air of wisdom and thoughtfulness that has always been at the heart of Pirlo's football. He plays with an alluring capacity to buy himself time, as if he enjoys a metaphorical moment to stroke his new facial adornment while he weighs up what clever touch he intends to execute.

Italy's playmaking kingpin was majestic during the European Championship, as central to the team's heartbeat as he was when the Azzurri won the World Cup. Even inwhen Robin van Persie had gone from being a tempestuous outcast at Feyenoord to an important Arsenal squad member, it was difficult to predict where his career would take him.

Then, one day, he was at Arsenal's training ground and noticed Dennis Bergkamp, who was practising passing with an academy player. Van Persie watched Bergkamp for 45 Keep calm and date a football player — and the Dutchman did not miss a single pass.

Van Persie thought to himself: I am a good player. But I still have a long way to go before I get anywhere near that level of dedication and focus. The and seasons were interrupted by injuries but when he returned, and Thierry Henry had left, the Dutchman was the main striker at Arsenal. I think that is fantastic. They call him the Tiger and he is an insatiable predator, a perfectly honed hunter, stalking the pitch looking for chances to pounce.

When he does he is devastatingly effective: The Europa League triumph was his second in a row after success with Porto, and the second in a row in which he finished top scorer and with goals in the final. A physically imposing maverick with a potent mixture of subtlety in his feet and audacity in his head, Zlatan — his first name suffices — has always been eye-catching. The Swede has enjoyed an eventfulleaving Serie A for "Keep calm and date a football player" second time, on this occasion for the nouveau riche of Paris St-Germain.

His record-breaking salary initially caused some consternation in France, but that became a side issue for one reason only: Zlatan has been at his brilliant best. His leadership, as well as his talent, has made critics eat their words.

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