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Ice dancing vs ice skating pairs dating


Have you grown weary of shipping every possible character pairing from every CW show?

There are nine real-life couples...

Take a leaf from the internet's book and consider shipping figure skating pairs instead. One key difference between the two: But, as The Ringer pointed out Tuesdayit's hard to deny the fun of shipping two extremely hot people performing incredible feats on international television.

It's not too late to Ice dancing vs ice skating pairs dating these sports to the Winter Olympics. First, let's turn our attention to Chinese pairs skaters Sui Wenjing and Han Cong, who enraptured Twitter on Wednesday with their short program set to "Hallelujah.

The two are obviously incredible actors as well as athletes, so it's not that hard for the brain to catch the ferry into Ship City. To make matters tenser, Sui said in a recent interview that while there are currently no "romantic bubbles" in their relationship, "in the future, who knows?

It also leaves shippers a little room for hope. Then, of course, there's Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, the undisputed monarchs of sexual tension.

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