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I had a skin sparing mascetomy with immediate implant and the breast feels extremely hard. The surgeon told me it was because of radiation. He initially told me it was just to be a temporary implant but I've since heard from another surgeon that all implants are permanent. He obviously lied to me!

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I assured him it felt the same just after the operation. I went to see "Fat people chat" private breast surgeon and he has told me that the NHS surgeon has removed the layer of fat next to my skin.

I asked if this was necessary and what the medical advice from the breast cancer experts say and he says they can't agree on whether it is right or not! Good old NHS eh!!

Any advice or input needed. Decisions about treatment is discussed within a multi disciplinary team setting for each and every patient based on all the information they have which will then be discussed with Fat people chat patient. Unfortunately nothing was discussed with me before surgery.


The surgeon told me he was just putting a temporary implant in and we would discuss Fat people chat at a later date. At this later date, he said he did not want to remove the implant. I'm going to have a unilateral masectomy on Tuesday and my team have been fantastic.

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My first meeting with the plastics team they asked me what I "Fat people chat" knew about my surgery and then they explained everything to me. It's a bit different because I'm using my own tissue and not an implant but your Dr should have explained that you could have had a skin sparing or nipple sparing masectomy.

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However, when I met my actual surgeon yesterday he was talking about moving my nipple and making it higher and I was like you can do that with nipple sparing? And he was like oh you're keeping it.

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So I think it's commonplace just to get rid Fat people chat all the tissue to make sure all the cancer has gone but your surgeon still should have asked you. You can always make a formal complaint.

It doesn't change your situation now but it could raise they're awareness and stop someone else going through the same thing. I'm sorry you've had to go though this. If your implant has changed though due to your radiation they can go in and change it I think.

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