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Fast lane speed dating

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Posted by Brooke Powell December 4, 6: Five minutes is plenty of time to grab a cup of coffee or flip through the newspaper, but what if that was also all the time it took to meet someone—and make a lasting connection? Participants usually twelve men and twelve women are gathered in a room and paired up.

The organizer starts a timer, and the pairs have five minutes to get to know each other. When the five minutes is up, each person gets a new partner, and so on.

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If two people name each other, their contact information is shared so they can meet up again. While it may seem a bit hectic and silly, speed-dating is proving to be a golden opportunity for older adults.

Unlike their younger counterparts, men and women who are post-retirement have a specific set of challenges when it comes to creating and maintaining quality relationships.

Meeting someone new after the loss of a spouse is a daunting task, but even making friends with similar interests can be difficult. For the senior sect, a speed-dating event can be about Fast lane speed dating than finding romance—it can simply be about finding friends.

Inthe documentary The Age of Love followed thirty people, age seventy and up, on their adventures in speed-dating. While the topic might seem light, the poignant, and sometimes heartbreaking, moments captured during filming brought focus to the overwhelming need for this type of outside-the-box event.

While family support "Fast lane speed dating" wonderful, the desire for additional companionship, romantic or otherwise, does not diminish with age.

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Older adults who have Fast lane speed dating spouses or friends are at an increased risk for health problems associated with loneliness and isolation, which can quickly lead to depression. A big stumbling block can be seniors themselves, who may feel that the time for intimate relationships has passed.

Society paints love, romance, and close friendship in younger shades, and some older adults keep that door closed without even knocking. Speed-dating might not be the ideal option for everyone, but the test drive is proving successful, and that makes a strong statement about seniors and companionship. With lifespans continuing to grow, and more and more people reaching a healthy advanced age, the time for innovation is now.

Speed-dating is a brilliant way to bring people together, and maybe ignite a spark Fast lane speed dating two. After all, it only takes five minutes. Your email address will not be published.

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