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Disturbingly honest online dating confessions of a home


There is a certain level anonymity to the internet and people have been using the internet as a form of confession for years, revealing truths and secrets about themselves that they may not feel comfortable sharing in real life. The Whisper app, having released for smartphones back inallows people to share these confessions without having to tie any sort of identity to themselves.

Users of the app come from all demographics and all walks of life. Whisper has become increasingly popular within the gaming community not only as a way to meet other gamers but as a way to vent, reveal personal fantasies, and confess people's own secrets related to the video game community.

Female gamers are no doubt a topic of much discussion in Whisper's app, and these gamers also make up for some interesting confessions themselves. There are plenty of Whisper confessions that seem a little shocking or disturbing as they are things that aren't typically discussed in every day "Disturbingly honest online dating confessions of a home." Whether these confessions are based on the biases that "gamer girls" deal with on a daily basis or some of the strange practices these girls partake in, these girls are willing to set everything on the table It's not uncommon to crush on a fictional character.

We've all done it at some point or another since video games tend to bring forth characters boasting with personality and appeal. While some characters might seem more desirable than others, the internet has a weird way of bringing out confessions of some of the most interesting video game crushes we've ever seen.

This gamer admits to having a crush on Sans from the game Undertale.

For instance, these dating confessions...

He's funny, silly, and charming Strangely enough, Whisper is filled with confessions of girls admitting to their crush on Sans, so this isn't even something that is uncommon. Strangely, crushing on a skeleton still seems far less creepy than what the internet has done to Sonic the Hedgehog characters, but hey, to each their own.

This is probably enforcing a stereotype that many gamer girls wish to shed That being said, I can't really blame this girl for having a high drive and dealing with that in her own unique way. Whether or not she is benefiting from this by befriending a bunch of other gamers or not is uncertain.

Disturbingly Honest Online Dating Confessions...

There's really no telling how this gamer particularly goes about doing this strange act. Does she do it for show?

Is she more of a D. This is probably the image that most guys imagine when they picture the idea of a "gamer girl" in their minds: This gamer admits to playing video games with no clothing at all. She claims that it helps her concentrate while she is playing video games. While some people can only sleep unclothed, this girl can only perform well while playing video games that way.

If you're in the comfort of your own home, there is no reason not to. It's not like the people she's playing online with can actually see her. Now if she were to invite "Disturbingly honest online dating confessions of a home" group of people over for some tennis on the Wii, then it might start getting a little awkward.

It's meant to be explored and experimented with to see what suits your fancy and what you like and don't like. Roleplaying and pretending to be someone you're not often becomes a part of people's fantasies. It should be no surprise that gamers specifically seem to have an interest in roleplaying as they have a wide array of characters to work with. This girl is toying with the idea of roleplaying as the iconic couple from the Batman franchise with her boyfriend: Joker and Harley Quinn.

Sure, they are one of the more popular couples that people like to cosplay as, but don't forget that Harley Quinn is pretty much trapped in an abusive relationship with the sick clown, so maybe it's Disturbingly honest online dating confessions of a home the best couple to pretend to be.

And who really wants to spend all that time putting on all that makeup? There is a certain stigma that is related to "gamer girls" that is often associated with how we perceive them online. Probably starting with booth babes back in the days when they tried to sell video games at E3 and going all the way to the present day where Twitch streamers attract male gamers by showing a little more cleavage than normal to get them to watch their channel This Whisper user hates that stigma up to the point where she chooses to pretend to act like a guy when she's playing video games online.

Sure, she could probably fully admit that she's a girl online while playing, but sometimes it is just better to play the game than being hit on by a bunch of anonymous faces online.

Surely she just wants to game in peace. I've mentioned that "gamer girls" often follow a stereotype that they are heavily chested, scantily clad women playing video games. To some female gamers, that might be seen as a pro as it gets the attention from guys and gaming is a quality that many male gamers find attractive.

Unfortunately, there is a whole other side to that stereotype as well.

Video games are pretty much a male dominated form of entertainment. While there is that stereotype of the coveted "gamer girl," many female gamers are looked down upon because of it as many guys might assume that girls can't kick butt at video games.

They're like those kids that would pick the girl last in kickball on the playground simply because she was a girl. There's no doubt about it that being a female gamer has its own set of challenges. If you've ever walked into a GameStop, you've Disturbingly honest online dating confessions of a home noticed that its staff is pretty much made up of men most of the time.

Since female gamers are usually a smaller demographic, there aren't as many female employees at GameStops, but that certainly doesn't mean that a girl is any less knowledgeable about video games than her male counterpart.

This Whisper user confesses to another form of bias that female gamers get, specifically ones that work at GameStop. People tell her straight to her face that she probably only has a job at GameStop because of her attractive face rather than her knowledge of video games which is just another form of prejudice in the gaming community. This is a take on gamers that I admittedly haven't seen before.

Online dating has its pitfalls....

This girl seems to enjoy gaming for the most part, but she seems to have a huge grudge against most of the people who consider themselves gamers going Disturbingly honest online dating confessions of a home far as to admit that she actually thinks that gamers are the "scum of the earth.

She claims that they are "spiteful, hateful, bullies" and while that likely doesn't relate to most people that enjoy video games, there is still a good portion of gamers that fit that description. This is usually seen in online competitive games as many users often times sling around defamatory remarks toward one another. While this kind of behavior probably isn't representative of these gamers in the real world, it can definitely still leave a sour taste in your mouth about the type of people gamers are.

Though saying gaming culture is destroying everything good in people might be taking it a little bit too far.

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It's no secret that relationships are hard work. Communication is generally a key component to a successful one and making time for one another is just as important. Yet sometimes other hobbies or interests get in the way and people want their own individual time to themselves This gamer seems to have a boyfriend that is willing to blow her off by making up a fake excuse. Sure, homework might seem like a valid excuse to not hang out with your love interest, "Disturbingly honest online dating confessions of a home" if your girlfriend is a gamer as well and is just going to see your Steam profile appear online within a matter of minutes of blowing her off, you're no doubt going to get caught in a lie.

Either spend some time with your girl or admit that you want some alone time There's plenty of stories online relating to people getting revenge on their love interests after a messy breakup, usually ones that involve cheating. This girl confesses that she was cheated on by her ex boyfriend, but she didn't just sit there and take it. She wanted to get revenge and she did so by deleting all the memory on his PlayStation 3. Unless this guy had any backup data of his save files, he was pretty much screwed, likely erasing years worth of gaming progress and being forced to redownload any games he had stored on his system and starting from scratch.

While this would be extremely frustrating to most gamers, this is one case where the person totally had it coming. People are into all sorts of stuff, but some things are stranger than others and many times don't really have much to do with anything at all.

This girl's friend met a guy who wanted someone to simply roleplay and play video games with Whether this is creepy or not is your own opinion, but I definitely can't blame the girl for getting a little jealous of her friend.

I mean, she is basically making money just to play video games with this guy. As far as the roleplaying is concerned, it is not certain how far that rabbit hole goes.

A lot of us accumulate different hobbies and interests growing up. Some of them stick while others kind of meander Disturbingly honest online dating confessions of a home in the distance becoming more or memories than interests we continuously pursue.

Disturbingly Honest Online Dating Confessions...

Her boyfriend on the other hand still seems to be a big fan of gaming. Even though she has moved on from the hobby, her boyfriend seems to still want her to game with him.

Unfortunately, this girl isn't game, and her boyfriend's nagging is getting Disturbingly honest online dating confessions of a home her nerves. Her boyfriend probably needs to just accept that she has moved on from gaming and it no longer holds much interest for her. There are other things the two can do together that they both enjoy. At the same time, it wouldn't hurt the girl to play games with her boyfriend every so often and vice versa for her boyfriend to do things that she wants to do every so often.

Relationships are about compromise, after all. Sometimes, I wonder if the person who invented vibrating controllers knew what they were getting into or if Disturbingly honest online dating confessions of a home knew how their invention would come to be used over time. There's a good chance this girl isn't actually a gamer, seeing as she doesn't have her own controller to use and has to resort to using her brother's controller, but gamer or not there really isn't a good excuse for this kind of behavior.

It's time to save up your pennies and to buy a toy of your own, not just for yourself, but for your brother's sake as well. Okay, here is a video game crush I can understand. We discussed how the internet has turned a liking toward Sans from Undertalewhich is one of the more absurd video game crushes I've heard of, yet Kratos from the God of War series seems like a much more appropriate video game character to crush on.

He's strong, beefy, stoic, and actually has Not only that, but judging by his games, you can tell he is a beast in bed. This Whisper user admits that she has a crush on Kratos and would love to be his wife This girl doesn't seem to mind though, as long as it means getting in with Kratos!

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