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Dating via 06


Sorting by other features like religion or political views is even more complicated. Facebook now will allow users to make a dating profile, separate from their current one.

But that would be the case on any dating platform. On the dating site, Facebook will let the user browse events that interest them — a concert or food festival, for example — and then connect with others who "Dating via 06" be attending that same event.

That would really be a...

The idea is to take relationships offline as much as possible and not get caught in an endless swipefest like other sites. The new profiles will feature a picture, name, location and age. That would really be a game-changer in the dating field. The problem with the existing dating apps is that singletons are swiping through virtual strangers.

If Facebook gave people the ability to see if they have mutual friends with a prospective mate, that would go a long way toward forging the real connections Facebook claims to want. If you are chatting with a cute guy with whom you have three friends in common, you can get the lowdown on Dating via 06 before making the leap to meet in person. With Dating via 06 new move Facebook reestablishes itself as the online site where we all live.

People can now meet their mate on Facebook, marry them and post the pictures from the wedding and of their eventual children on their pages. Trump is putting the US back on top.