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Dating ibeacon microlocation


Yet, as I discovered, in-store advertising is just one use of iBeacon technology. A Bluetooth beacon is simply a low-energy chip enclosed in a small plastic housing.

Estimote Beacons — real world...

The beacon can only send data—not receive it—and is generally used to just broadcasts micro-location coordinates in a radius as small as 10 centimeters to your iPhone. Because iBeacons can only send data, they have no way of controlling anything on your phone. The technology relies on apps collecting the data from an iBeacon and using it to do something.

In the case of retailers, a store may place an iBeacon on a specific endcap with the newest television on it. In fact, an iBeacon can talk to Android and other smartphones as Dating ibeacon microlocation. Any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can also Dating ibeacon microlocation an iBeacon itself.

And this is how some clever developers are discovering that iBeacons are good for a lot more than just selling you stuff.

Mingleton uses the iOS-only feature of iBeacons. Installing the app on your iPhone turns it into an iBeacons transmitter. The app then broadcasts your profile out to other Mingleton users within a meter radius.

This is why we came up with the idea to allow people in the same space to anonymously find out who wants to meet and to make it easy for people to discover their Dating ibeacon microlocation so they are more likely to want to socialize. Mingleton uses the Facebook Graph API to see your mutual friends and interests and decide on whether or not to make Dating ibeacon microlocation introduction.

Where Tinder uses Wi-Fi location data and GPS signals to lock your range down to a mile or so radius, iBeacons allows Mingleton to accomplish location-based discovery for individuals in the same room.

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Launch Here uses iBeacons to make your home more aware. "Dating ibeacon microlocation" iPhone app enables users to link apps with specific places in their home.

The closer you get to a specific spot in a room the more probable it gets that it is related to your current intent or context. Then, looking at our phones Dating ibeacon microlocation realized that we already use numerous apps covering activities related to those very contexts.

With Launch Here we simply link those two worlds together by helping you to launch these apps from your lock screen quickly at the right place. Place an iBeacon at your desk, and when you sit down at it the Launch Here app can then pull up your favorite office productivity app on your iPad.

The "Dating ibeacon microlocation" of iBeacons in the home grows exponentially if all your devices have beacons integrated into them.

If, for example, your lamps and your oven and your coffee maker all had an iBeacon inside, those devices could then guess your intention as you approach them: The lamps could turn on; the oven could begin to warm; the coffee maker could start brewing.

The company makes the Zuli Smartplug —essentially an adapter for a normal electrical outlet that contains an iBeacon. Zuli, if fully Dating ibeacon microlocation, could adjust your lighting ambience, temperature, and music simply by you walking into a room.

Inexpensive GPS receivers have turned...

All of these implementations of iBeacons require the user to have transmitters in their location. Mingleton accomplishes its task by turning your iPhone itself into an iBeacon. Zuli does it by integrating an iBeacon into its smart plug. But what of Launch Here?

Indeed, the imagination of developers seems to be the only limit of what Dating ibeacon microlocation can enable outside of the retail space. By Michael Grothaus 7 minute Read. The Zuli Smartplug uses an iBeacon to make your dumb device smarter.

A full-sized Estimote Beacon.

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