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Dating and chronic illness is it possible


Whether you have an autoimmune disease or not, being single and navigating the dating world can be challenging. Unfortunately, many of the Dating and chronic illness is it possible of finding the right match are magnified when you have a chronic illnessespecially when your partner is living that blessed non-chronic illness life.

Lucky for you, my love life, albeit a ghost town at the moment, is anything but boring — and I have had enough experiences dating with chronic illnesses to hopefully shed some light on this topic. And I completely understand the fear behind sharing this personal information with someone.

But after someone bounced on me mostly for health-related issues, a lot of people helped me check myself before I wrecked myself. If they look at your illnesses as a burden or have little to no compassion for your well-being, then do you really want to be with that person?

One challenge, at least at the beginning of a relationship, is picking a place to go on a date.

I cannot eat out anywhere, and while I do drink tea and tequila, I prefer to not drink a lot of either on a regular basis. So, finding a place to go on a date can be hard when someone is hard-wired into thinking you must go out to get drinks and food on dates.

Thankfully, I am able-bodied enough to do different things and I have a lot of interests. Do something outside, weather permitting. Go for a walk in the park or on a waterfront, a bike ride, hiking, star gazing, or other outdoor seasonal activities.

Appreciate the arts together by going to a live music show, a local art exhibit, a museum, a documentary screening, a musical or play, or a stand up show. Go see a movie and bring your own snacks with you. Of course, be Dating and chronic illness is it possible about sneaking in your plantain chips and dehydrated apple slices. Revert back to childhood and go play some video games or laser tag.

Keep it light and fun! The list goes on. To close on a positive note, I think that all of my chronically ill brothers and sisters are worthy of all the love the world has to offer, romantic or not. That being said, you can find me turning my love inward for the time being until I find someone who is able to handle everything I bring to the table: Follow this journey on Chronicles of Yoolie.

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