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Chiz escudero and heart evangelista dating simulator


Undoubtedly one of the loveliest faces in local tinseltown, she was a deadly china doll, flawless as porcelain and just as impenetrable. Who could tell what was really behind that hundred-carat smile? Like fluffy pink carnival cotton candy, spun from pure white sugar and some kind of dollhouse fantasy, Heart Evangelista the artista was all image and no real substance. Now we know this was largely by design: What you saw was what you got. This Chiz escudero and heart evangelista dating simulator, for one, was once asked to submit a list of questions before an interview was granted.

Several topics, specially her then blossoming romance with Sen. When the editor balked at these restrictions, access was denied.

The conflict, one of the juiciest stories of the year and a reality check for everyone concerned, saw the young star walking out of the family home to strike out on her own. Numerologists also had a field day with the controversy, which began just after Heart turned 28 on February Sans makeup, her striking Eurasian features seem animated by a palpable joie de vivre.

She was willing, even eager, to talk.

And learning so much. Just a few months ago, she moved into a new house in Quezon City, on her own for the very first time in her life. When she was still living in the family home, everything was pretty much taken care of for her. Now she has to manage her own finances, make career decisions and take care of the nitty-gritty details of daily living that most ordinary people take for granted.

Heart Evangelista used to come...

Chiz, she admits, has been a rock during this transition, providing advice on everything from personal finances to legal matters. She is busier now than she has ever been before: As if on cue, a team from an advertising agency drops in for a last-minute pre-production meeting.