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Cilan and the case of the purrloin witness online dating


It may take a while but I will be gradually working on updating the affected pages. Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness! In this episode, Ash and his friends continue their journey to the next Decolore island, but while onboard some mysterious events unfold. The episode begins with AshIrisand Cilan leaving Honey Island and heading off to their next island destination on their way to the Kanto region. The three of them are seen talking about how they can't wait until the next island, and Cilan mentions how it is a long ride to the next island so they might as well enjoy the views.

It is then that Porter appears and informs the three of them that there Cilan and the case of the purrloin witness online dating the Marine Cup Tournament on-board that they could enter. Seeing Porter surprised Ash, Iris, and Cilan, because they previously left the first ship they boarded to visit Honey Island. Porter explains that the Porter they saw was his cousin. Iris then makes the connection that they are like Nurse Joy and Officer Jennybecause they all look alike but can be found in various areas.

Now knowing why they see Porter on the ship, Ash is excited to learn more about the tournament. Porter explains to Ash that passengers aboard the ship can battle in hopes of winning the tournament. Ash and Iris are eager to join and Cilan can't wait to watch the battles unfold.

Porter reassures them that he'll make sure they're entered and to not miss the "Ripple Collection" that belongs to a woman called Mrs. Ripple that will be held in the ballroom after the tournament concludes. Curious about who Mrs.

BW Cilan and the Case...

Ripple is, they ask Porter and he points her out to them. Cilan makes note that he's seen that face before and Porter confirms that Mrs. Ripple is one of the most famous gem collectors in the Unova region. Once the opening sequence concludes, Ash and his friends introduce themselves to Mrs.

Ripple and when Cilan attempts to greet her, he gets nervous due to the Purrloin and hides behind Iris. It is then that Mrs. Ripple acknowledges that Purrloin is in a bad mood today due to Mrs. Ripple having a gem called the "Eye of Liepard. Iris asks if they can go see the gem and Mrs.

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