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80 aniversario cmll online dating


The event commemorated the 80th anniversary of CMLL, the oldest professional wrestling promotion in the world.

80 aniversario cmll online dating For the show CMLL decided to combine two of their biggest, longest running storyline feuds as they booked a Relevos Suicidas Spanish for "Suicide Relay" match for the show. In a Relevos Suicidas two tag teams wrestle each other and as a result of the match one team is then forced to fight against each other under Lucha de Apuestasor "Bet match", rules. Traditionally the losing team would be forced to wrestle for their masks as a "punishment" for losing the match, but for this show CMLL changed it so that the winning team would win the right to fight for their masks, playing off the fact that the two teams actually wanted to fight their partner in a Lucha de Apuesta match.

The show featured an additional Lucha "80 aniversario cmll online dating" Apuestas match, but for the match both Blue Panther and Averno would "bet" their hair on the outcome of the match since both were unmasked. Three additional matches rounded out the show.

The event featured seven professional wrestling matches with different wrestlers involved in pre-existing scripted feuds, plots and storylines. In the weekly following the CMLL 79th Anniversary ShowCMLL began talking about el camino de 80 Aniversarioor "The road to the 80th Anniversary", making it clear that they were intending to make build to the 80th Anniversary show a priority in the year leading up to the show.

The tournament saw Atlantis team up with rookie Hombre Bala, Jr. After both teams won their first two matches the semi-finals saw Atlantis and Hombre Bala, Jr.

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