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After graduating with a degree in engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology in LahoreJamshed briefly worked as a civilian contractor and engineer for the Pakistan Air Force before focusing on a musical career. Jamshed first gained nationwide prominence and international recognition as group 'Vital Signs' vocalist in with the album, Vital Signs 1.

The commercial success of Vital Signs' first album helped develop Pakistan's rock music industry. InJamshed left both his engineering and music careers and, afterwards, focused on his religious activities for Islam and reciting nasheeds on TV and releasing them on CD's. Jamshed also owned a clothing boutique with the name "J. In NovemberJamshed was accused of blasphemy and in Decemberin a video message, he apologized for offending Tumhara aur mera naam online dating and making mistakes.

The flight was en route to Islamabad from Chitral. He was in Chitral for a Tablighi Jamaat mission and was returning to Islamabad.

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After graduating from an international boarding high school in Yanbu' al Bahr in Saudi ArabiaJamshed wanted to join the Pakistan Air Force to become a fighter pilot. He then entered the University of Engineering and Technology in Lahorewhere he took mathematics and physics before declaring his major in mechanical engineering.

InJamshed gained a Bachelor of Science degree, graduating in mechanical engineering. In a live concert in Islamabad, the band got noticed and approached by the music officials of the PTVand a record deal Tumhara aur mera naam online dating awarded by Rana Kanwal, a student of the National Academy of Performing Arts. The band moved to Islamabad and began working on the first album for Kanwal, then-known as "Chehra" lit.

According to Hyatt, "the song we created for her was Chehra. It was the first song we wrote as an entity and it was also a part of our first album. Mansoor became acquainted with the band and worked on their first album, spearheading the writing of a patriotic song. We looked around and then we thought of Junaid, who was in a mediocre band and he was the best part about the band, he was a very good singer and with his good looks and Tumhara aur mera naam online dating vocals, was the bona fide front man.

Their debut hit singles, " Dil Dil Pakistan " and " Tum Mil Gaye ", released on 14 Augustgave them national fame and prominence. Both songs were big commercial hits and garnered high critical acclaim. In an interview given to PTV, Jamshed said it was not something that would turn him into a professional musician.

Jamshed maintained that his plans were to gain a degree in engineering to work for the Pakistan Air Forceinitially he didn't want to have anything to do with music other than just treat it as a hobby. InJamshed graduated with an engineering degree, and worked in the air force as a civil contractor for a short time before resigning from the air force.

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However, Rohail and Shahzad soon managed to convince him otherwise. After a string of chart-topping songs and albums, the band split in and Jamshed began Tumhara aur mera naam online dating solo career, achieving increasing commercial success. Their success lifted the underground rock music industry to national level, and they are widely credited for boosting the Pakistani music industry. Although, the second album was not as successful as expected, the band made its first international tour in the United States.

Inthe band got together with Shoaib Mansoor once again and released their third album, Aitebar. Around the same time, Jamshed signed his first and only acting contract for PTV's television miniseries, Dhundle Raste.

By earlyvarious issues and difficulties between the members of the band began to surface in the media. Jamshed released his first solo album, Junaid of Vital Signs in The album's name was later changed to Tumhara Aur Mera Naam by the record producers.

The second solo album, Us Rah Par went on to become one of the best selling albums of The album included several singles which became popular and were ultimate sleeper hits.

InJamshed released his third album, The Best of Junaid Jamshedwhich contained remixes of some of the hit singles of the Vital Signs era, though it captured the mix success. His fourth and last solo album, Dil Ki Baatwas released inwhich became highly successful in the country and gained a lot of public and media attention. Around 7, songs were selected from all over the world.

As early asthe media began speculating about Jamshed's drift from music soon after the Vital Signs faded away. The speculations soon died after Jamshed released his solo albums and continued world tours. AfterJamshed disappeared from the public eye and avoided media attention.

His last two albums did not do well in the market and failed "Tumhara aur mera naam online dating" get any positive response from the country's music critics. His former bandmates, Shahi and Hyattsaw him struggling to negotiate the transition from one world to another. Finally, Jamshed who had been out of practice from his engineering career for 20 years, announced that he would open a fashion-designing company with a close friend of his.

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