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Unicode to html entities online dating

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This function is identical to htmlspecialchars in all ways, except with htmlentitiesall characters which have HTML character entity equivalents are translated into these entities. A bitmask of one or more of the following flags, which specify how to handle quotes, invalid code unit sequences and the used document type.

This may be useful, for instance, to ensure the well-formedness of XML documents with embedded external content. If omitted, the default value of the encoding varies Unicode to html entities online dating on the PHP version in use.

Although this argument is technically optional, you are highly encouraged to specify the correct value for your code if you are using PHP 5. The following character sets are supported: KOI8-R koi8-ru, koi8r Russian. GB Simplified Chinese, national standard character set. Any other character sets are not recognized. The default encoding will be used instead and a warning will be emitted.

The default is to convert everything.

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Example 1 A htmlentities example. Edit Report a Bug. Parameters string The input string. Return Values Returns the encoded string. Changelog Version Description 5. An important note below about using this function to secure your application against Cross Site Scripting XSS vulnerabilities. When printing user input in an attribute of an HTML tag, the default configuration of htmlEntities doesn't protect you against XSS, when using single quotes to define the border of the tag's attribute-value.

XSS is then possible by injecting a single quote: When clicked on the link below, the given JavaScript will get executed: So, i wrote the following function to encode the user's query with named entities. The string I used is different of the original, because i didn't want to convert ' or ".

The string is too long, so I had to cut it. Unicode to html entities online dating encodes what it can [all of latin1], and the others slip through.