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Dating someone on anxiety medication


This person is presumably fine on medication…would this scare you away and why? BUt I would be hesitant to date someone like this because there may come a time when he decides to stop taking his meds. I have heard cases where this has happened and resulted in divorce because off meds life became horror for the other spouse. So far, I have always said no to anyone on medication. But on the other hand, I know someone who married someone on medication and had Dating someone on anxiety medication great marriage.

They may be fine while on medication, but when they are expecting, they usually have to go off or decrease their medication and then serious problems can arise. I know of at least one case in which the couple got divorced because of this.

If you are seriously considering going out with the person, you should definitely do serious investigations beforehand. Find out how long the person has been on medication, how good they are about taking the medication and if they have had any issues since they have been on the medication. It is also important to realize that in some circles, taking medication has become quite common-place, so it might not have the same meaning it once did. I doubt that these statistics are true for the Yeshivish world, but they may have some truth for some segments of the Orthodox population.

So there may be people taking medication today who would never have thought of taking medication at one time. I think that medication today is safer than it used to be so some people consider it like taking Tylenol. But that is a personal decision based to some extent on personal factors, and it may not be the right decision for everyone. She has known this guy for a while but he recently revealed to her that he takes medication for anxiety.

Someone who is taking "Dating someone on anxiety medication" for anxiety is showing that they want to change into a healthy functioning human being. How in the world is that a reason not to go on a date with Dating someone on anxiety medication But each person has to make his own cheshbonos. There have been Dating someone on anxiety medication who married someone who was on medication and had great marriages. It depends both on the one taking the medication and the one marrying them.

But it is definitely kidai to research the topic beforehand. In terms of how he is when he is not on the medication, is there a way to find out? Does he have a psychiatrist or psychologist that he would give you permission to speak to? It might be kidai to find out.

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