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Not used to dating


I am not seeing anyone as of now. These last few weeks have been quite an experience, and Not used to dating felt like being single for so long has really shaped me into what I am right now. Besides all the good things that come with being single for long, I think below are pretty much what summarizes the cycle I go through while actively dating. I am sure not everyone is like me. I have too short an attention span and I constantly look out for new hobbies and things to dive into.

To be utterly honest, I dated a lot after my previous break-up.

And (not to brag) but...

They ended on a mutual good note, but it has also made me realize how being single for so long does not always put you in a right place to make better decisions.

Sure, dates sound nice and sweet: But once an issue or uncertainty arises, I back the fuck off. However, it turned out really worth the fight.

I was just amazed because I can never be like that. I would rather be alone and hang out with dogs and my friends You spend most of your time finding what you Not used to dating doing.

Personally, I just Not used to dating to music a lot and discover new and old songs. I meet new friends, and I hang out. Recently, I am trying to quit alcohol and beer but I think However, judging from my circle of close friends, I think I may go right back into it in a mere few weeks.

See, what I have tried to pick up in the time I was peacefully and happily single: Remember how average I used to look I worked to where I am right now although not the best place yetand I know percent how it feels to be in a slump. I know how it feels to be discouraged.

Which is also the reason why I am skeptical when guys start treating me like a princess because, how much do they know me? It just felt like it was for superficial reasons. With that said, sometimes I get led blindly when I am exposed to things or people I know I would have never gotten if it was me 5 years ago.

I kept pushing it. People who have been the nicest and accepting to me.


People who have spoiled me. People who have showered me with so much care and concern as much as my family does. If it was a cycle all over again, I would still make these decisions again and again.

Spending so much time alone...

You keep putting in place more qualities and expectations of your next ideal date after one another. You keep your expectations up and higher. The list gets longer.

You refuse to settle for less because you constantly remind yourself that you deserve better. It is unlike me to end a post without a neutral or balanced take on the whole topic think hopefully-you-will-meet-the-one-eventually postsbut I think I need more time to figure this crap out and write a part two.

On a side note, I am officially employed! I love my friends la. I am very appreciative about the comments and feedback people have given me regarding my posts. On my other social media platforms, I post too much rubbish and nonsensical stuff.

No matter which category you...

I am blessed to have readers who relate to my posts and actually tell me that they look forward to reading my posts. Thank you so much for beginning this humble journey of mine Not used to dating me: A version of this post originally appeared on Coke of All Trades. News Politics Entertainment Communities. Opinion HuffPost Personal Videos. Priorities because no drama and hardly ever a bad time.

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