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Cant stop thinking about a girl im dating

They get starry-eyed and think...

Since we broke up this experience of missing her comes and goes in waves. I wish I had a good reason for ending the relationship.

We dated for several years throughout college and I broke up with her because I graduated. I had been a boyfriend for so long and for once in my 20s I just wanted to be single and experience the world on my own. It seems stupid now to say that.

We were both loyal, loving, devoted people in the relationship.

She was my best friend and someone I could do anything with. So why did I let her go? So why am I still thinking about her? Do you ever wish you could back to your previous self?

We still text once in awhile. The last time we talked was September. It was my first week in Central America when I got a text from her. Do you ever spend a lot of time thinking about someone then out of the blue they text you, send you a message on Facebook, or contact you in some way? This seems to happen a lot with me and other people.

All of a sudden you...

A month after I left she told me she was dating someone new. The guy who lived next to us for 2 years was suddenly her boyfriend. I guess I was surprised she could find someone that fast.

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