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Jane and billy dating


She even does the head tilt, hand on forehead pre-faint move to let us know she is a classically trained actress. The casting directors keep asking her to scream and tell her she did a great job.

He has been wandering the streets shirtless apparently because the paper he was writing for for all of 3 episodes went under so he is back to dude bro ennui. Allison has cleaned the apartment and Billy is upset because she threw out a cocktail napkin that had his next short story idea on it. He then complains about her magazines in the bathroom and they bicker like a married couple. Billy is from the Valley but his mother seems to have an English accent.

Michael and Jane are nesting for their baby which I had actually forgotten aboutwhen he twists his ankle moving furniture. Jane insists he needs to do to the doctor. This is only important because he ends up on crutches. This is going to be bad. At Shooters, Jake and Sandy flirt and she says there is "Jane and billy dating" way she got the part. I am sure there is a dumb reason Jane and billy dating will be revealed. Sandy is trying to learn her lines and she is stressed but excited.

Billy has apparently been lying to his parents about a lot of things. He told them Allison was a literary agent and they met when she read his script.

Billy has way bigger issues then I ever realized. I am worried for him. Allison is pissed and threatens to tell his parents the truth. Billy tells her she should be flattered. To be pretend dating him? Or that he made up a more impressive job for her?

Allison is a distraction and a way to prove he is a successful writer. The dating lie still seems pretty unnecessary. It gets weird and I feel bad for all of them. I wish I had neighbors that brought me cake.

Rhonda then gets super pissed at her for being ungrateful and Sandy says thank you to them all but decides to meet her date outside and leaves her own surprise party after one minute. I have mixed feeling about this.

But man, the drama. I hope pregnant Jane got some cake at least.

The first season of 'Jane...

He just wants Billy to have security. Maybe Jane and billy dating are really dating. What temperature is it in this room? Why do they both also sleep above the blankets and with their arms crossed like vampires? Sandy comes back from the Hollywood party super drunk and stumbling. She is also laughing as if someone else is there but it is just her.

She laughs and says you had your chance though then stumbles off like a hobo. He is already complaining about the job. Allison tells him not to do it but he says he has to.

Notice the collar and dead eyed look? Rhonda starts to fall asleep helping Sandy run lines. Where are Sydney and Amanda??? Sandy is shooting the horror movie and it looks terrible. Sandy is back at the apartment, packing to move out and Rhonda is surprised it is happening Jane and billy dating though they talked about it.

They semi-apologize to eachother but Sandy still thinks it is time she moves out. At the furniture store, Billy is dealing with the most annoying customer ever. She leaves and Billy calls her a bitch too! His dad wants him to go apologize Jane and billy dating he refuses and quits. Jake sees Sandy leaving with some things and can sense something bad happened to her. Jake is not gonna let her go that easily. He gives a weird monologue about going to the movies in the afternoon and seeing all of these nubile teen girls there and feeling like an old pathetic sack of shit.

Nubile teen girls were his words, sack of shit were mine. The word nubile just made it so creepy. Why are we wasting time on this scene instead of finding Matt? Michael is having a pity party about becoming a dad and not knowing what to do. Jane tells him he will be great and they kiss. I would have also traded their whole boring Jane and billy dating for some Matt scenes. Rhonda is doing crunches when Sandy comes back. They eat the cake Sandy Jane and billy dating a few days earlier and they make up.

Billy goes back to the furniture store after hours to talk to his dad. They hug and everything is okay. She forgot too, I guess. Allison, stop making this child steaks, it confuses him! This episode had far too little Matt, no dances, and no kissing. Jake is super turned on. This whole scene seems like a very forced way to let us know that Allison is good at studying and that Rhonda wants to go see a dance performance.

I am listening, Rhonda. It reminds me of the routines my friends and I would make up as kids, but obviously better and with more shirtless men. Rhonda and Matt keep talking about how edgy the dance is. I would have thought it was very cool and sexy when I was Jake is a Billy Joel song, you guys. It is pretty sweet how nervous he is about asking her for help. It is very obvious that there is some beef there but they go anyway. Teresa is the worst. LA audiences are the best!

I feel like besides New York, LA audiences are probably the most jaded and hard to impress, right? Rhonda is having none of it. She will not be auditioning.

Later, Matt tries to convince Rhonda to audition. He even brings up fate. Michael tells him not to worry, she probably just got laid. Billy and Sandy are sad but pretending not to be.

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It is one or two moves, max, but we are supposed to be impressed. She does it and then Teresa does it better. I love dance routines so much, you guys.

Billy and Sandy are commiserating at Shooters. Billy is way more upset about Jake and Allison than Sandy.

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