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Effective Date of Report: This report describes the Namoya Project in terms of its historical and recent exploration data, which would have a bearing on the techno-economic value of the contributing Exploitation Permit. The effective date of this review is the 31 st December This report was prepared as a review and compilation of information prepared by Namoya Mining to check for reasonableness, accuracy and compliance.

Venmyn Deloitte reviewed the economic assessment completed by an independent contractor Namoya ball professionals dating Namoya Mining but completed no economic valuation or management function during the preparation of this report. Bukavu, the nearest business district, lies over km northeast of the Namoya Project. The Exploitation Permit will expire in and is subject to renewal for consecutive 15 year periods.

The Namoya ball professionals dating Project is located within the 2. These are typically near-vertical, linear bodies consisting of mineralised fine-grained sericite schist and quartz stockworks hosted within metasediments.

The quartz systems tend to host a higher concentration of gold than the sericite schist orebodies. Exploration began at Namoya in with soil, adit and trench geochemical sampling, regional scale mapping and drilling.

Inmore detailed sampling and mapping was carried out to increase geological confidence and to verify the accuracy of historical data. Ina second phase of exploration yielded an increase in Indicated Mineral Resources where confidence in the resources increased. The third phase of drilling brought the total boreholes completed to resulting in a total of The latest phase of exploration completed by Namoya between 21 st November and 31 st December included new trench and channel samples and diamond drillholes, bringing the total number of Namoya ball professionals dating boreholes completed to and the total number of auger holes to 2, Exploration is ongoing for development purposes and includes investigating a number of gold occurrences at Kakula West, Kakula-Namoya Summit, Kimbala, Matongo and Filon B.

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These are not discussed as part of this report. The Namoya Project is an open pit mine that is currently in the development and pre-commissioning ramp up stage.

Construction commenced in the first quarter of The mine is currently operating and heap leaching has commenced on a trial basis.

Steady state mining for initial commercial operations is anticipated Namoya ball professionals dating be 2. Pre-commissioning trial heap leach gold production commenced Decemberwith the pouring of a starter bar of oz of gold.

Several metallurgical testwork programmes have been conducted at Namoya. This work includes the following: Venmyn Deloitte has reviewed the metallurgical testwork and concludes that it is extensive and thorough to the extent that it can support the design of a process plant and allow for economic analysis to be performed with a high level of confidence.

The process design has been based on heap leaching combined with a gravity recovery section. This design is founded upon the metallurgical testwork conducted. Essentially, the process plant has a capacity of tph. The crushing circuit reduces material to a topsize of 10mm. The pregnant solution arising from heap leaching operations will be processed at a carbon-in-solution plant. These have been defined in accordance with NI and are summarised in the tables below.

At a cut-off grade of 0. Estimated to a maximum depth of m. Mineral Reserves have been estimated and signed off by Namoya Mining for the Namoya Project and independently reviewed by Venmyn Deloitte. Data collection and reporting for the biophysical and social environment baseline studies was undertaken during the Preliminary Assessment in A stakeholder engagement process was managed and conducted by SRK from November to June as part of the original ESIA process, which included consultation with authorities and interested and affected parties IAPs.

Subsequently, all previously undertaken specialist studies, inclusive of all public consultation processes, and associated outcomes have been included and addressed in the final ESIA report compiled by SLR Consulting. The document presents the project plan as defined by Namoya Mining, results of specialist work undertaken for the project, "Namoya ball professionals dating" and assesses potential impacts on the receiving environment in both the unmitigated and mitigated scenarios, including cumulative impacts, and identifies measures together with monitoring programmes Namoya ball professionals dating monitor and mitigate potential impacts.

Significant impacts identified, and for which monitoring programmes have been compiled, include: A Relocation Action Plan has been developed for the affected communities, with the concurrent establishment of two representative working group- the Community Social Repositioning Forum and the Social Repositioning Working Group.

These two bodies form the basis of the communication structures used to disseminate information about the project and resettlement requirements to the local communities. The economic analysis has been undertaken and signed off by Namoya Mining for the Namoya Project and independently reviewed by Venmyn Deloitte.

Venmyn Deloitte is of the opinion that the value estimated by management is reasonable and the technical and economic input parameters are appropriate. Venmyn Deloitte recommends that studies be conducted on Namoya ball professionals dating use of a Fleet Management System FMS to optimize the entire loading and hauling operation specifically as the number of active mining areas increase with increased mining fleet.

Venmyn Deloitte has prepared this NI Report and, in so doing, has utilised information provided by Namoya Mining and its contractors as to its operational methods and forecasts. Where possible, this information has been reviewed from independent sources with due enquiry in terms of all material issues that are a prerequisite to comply with the National Instrument.

No warranty or guarantee, be it express or implied, is made by the authors with respect to the completeness or accuracy of the Namoya ball professionals dating aspects of this document.

The businesses of mining and mineral exploration, development and production by their natures contain significant operational risks. The businesses depend upon, amongst other things, successful prospecting programmes and competent management. Profitability and asset values can be affected by unforeseen changes in operating circumstances and technical issues.

"Namoya ball professionals dating" and Economic Risks. The majority of these factors are, and will be, beyond the control of Namoya Mining or any other operating entity. This report contains forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are based on the opinions and estimates of Venmyn Deloitte and Namoya Mining at the date the statements were made.

The statements are subject to a number of known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results to differ materially from those forward-looking statements anticipated by Venmyn Deloitte and Namoya Mining.